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What clients have said about us

Victoria Kasunic - Psychologist, Speaker, Author
I engaged Kim to get some local media exposure for a Happiness seminar I was holding in November 2010.

Not only did her efforts result in at least 10 more people attending the seminar, but it led to a bigger story in the North Shore Times in December 2010. From that story I received new clients and was approached to tell my story in a national magazine "That's Life". This feature appeared in January 2011 and not only led to increased client enquiries, but a request for a radio interview for Reflect Radio.

I am continuing to reap the benefits of that initial exposure that Kim secured. Kim is easy to work with and incredibly encouraging. She delivers results, with a minimum of time and effort on your part which allowed me to focus on a whole lot of other things in my business. I highly recommend her services and those of Dennis Rutzou Public Relations. Well worth the investment!

Top qualities: great results, personable.

Colin Nicholson (Recruitment consultant, Ecopeople)
I can recommend Kim's work through her PR Mentor course. It helped us develop a PR strategy with consistent key messages, refined our thinking on our website redevelopment and gave us the insights for our social media strategy.

Kim was very helpful with the targeted research for our company and the review of our plans. We signed up for a course and received personal, professional service. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value.

Kelly Buer (Client Services Manager, FDC Construction & Fitout Pty Ltd)
DRPR's PR Mentor program has provided an invaluable pathway to run targeted communication and PR projects alongside our organisation's key objectives for the year. The intimate workshop forum, delivered under the professional guidance of Kim Larochelle, means PR Mentor participants are spoilt with one-on-one, very hands-on assistance.

Kim has provided me with so much industry-relevant information, above and beyond the PR Mentor course. She drives us to think strategically outside the square to get the edge we need within our competitive industry. Her international experience and attention to detail is a fantastic asset for DRPR.

I would highly recommend PR Mentor for anyone wanting to make their business stand out from the crowd and to gain the knowledge needed to be a market leader.

Kathryn Harradine, SPOS
SPOS is a leading provider of marketing at retail solutions in Australia and NZ. We’ve been working with the team at DRPR since October 2009 and called on them as we had some very exciting changes happening within our business.

The attraction to DRPR was the fact that we knew we would be working within a team rather than a one man/woman show. This aspect was most important to us at SPOS as we were building our team internally to make it stronger as well as communicating our message externally to clients and trade.

DRPR has brought a very exciting feel to the SPOS group of companies and staff involved who are very enthusiastic about the changes and growth happening within the company. Nicola & Kim have worked on an array of projects from product releases, new brand launch announcements which have been picked up by many specialty trade magazines. They have worked on helping us develop our new websites and also created general awareness of the SPOS group, who we are and what we do.

They have brought about some consistency within the brand and it was important to us that we weren’t lost in the corporate jungle especially in the competitive world of point of purchase.

As we are business to business based, DRPR was able to gather a succinct and focused group of trade publications both online and specialty trade magazines to get the message across.

DRPR has been extremely pro-active, easy to work with and very much on top of their game. They have great timing with releases and have built relationships well between us and the media and other clientele. DRPR has certainly put a very positive spin on this very exciting time of change for SPOS and we are more than happy with our choice.

Suzy Jacobs,  CEO, She Business Australia
"DRPR's PR Mentor program has been invaluable. We're only part way in and already it's been a worthwhile process. Within an intimate forum and under the attentive guidance of Kim, we've covered SEO, websites, media liaison, key messages and communication strategy. And we're only on week 3!

Kim's approach is generous and her knowledge is solid and expansive. Not only is she leading the program, she has also made herself familiar with my business and is on the look out for information relevant to my industry.

I would highly recommend PR Mentor for anyone starting up, starting over or wanting to get the edge within their industry."

Toby Darvall, CEO, Anaconda
"Anaconda's is Australia's largest Camping & Adventure Superstores. We have a very exciting retail concept but being new to the market (only 3 years old) we needed to tell as many people as possible. It's easy to fall in love with your own business and forget that it probably means very little to most people.

So a year ago we contracted Dennis, Nicola, Kim and the Team from DRPR to get our message out to the world. In the last 12 months they have managed to secure a wide range of publicity for Anaconda that has delivered real benefits to our bottom line - through sales, general public awareness, improved staff morale (they love seeing themselves in print!) and increased applications from high quality prospective employees.

The DRPR Team have been very good at pro-actively seeking coverage from Press, magazines, radio, TV and websites. They are regularly coming up with new "angles" to promote the Anaconda message. The high volume and regularity of press releases and contact they have with the media has underpinned their success.

To date they have managed to secure coverage in most major metropolitan newspapers, local and regional newspapers, specialty magazines, TV and radio.

I would happily recommend them to other businesses seeking to raise their public profile."

Jim Cornish, Ecowash Mobile
Ecowash mobile commenced operation in March 2004 and began our association with DRPR in June 2005. Being a new business, with an innovative technology, it was imperative that we reach our customers and potential franchisees in a way which both educated them and built our credibility. We felt that this was a message too complex for traditional advertising and that our story required a more professional and dedicated method of delivery.

DRPR has not just been an outsourcing exercise for us, they have become an integral part of our team. They have taken the time to get to know us, our franchisees, and our customers and this has been reflected in their intimate knowledge and exemplary representation of the ecowash mobile brand and franchise system. Our confidence in the DRPR team has enabled us to free up our time and allocate resources into other areas knowing that our public image and our story is in great hands.

Over the last 18 months we have received tremendous coverage in publications, newspapers and other media throughout Australia which has contributed significantly to not only our profile, but also to the growth and strength of our business. DRPR has also performed a critical role in the territory specific launches of our franchisees, our national conferences and our corporate strategies in a number of key areas.

We would highly recommend DRPR as a partner in the development of your business.

Murray Hogarth, Easy Being Green
When Easy Being Green first met with DRPR in May 2006 reducing carbon emissions was still relatively unknown among the general public. We chose DRPR to help with the challenge to get our message out to householders and support our sales strategy in NSW towns and suburbs.

As a result, DRPR was an energetic and highly competent partner in communicating our mission – reducing carbon emissions through take up of our Climate Saver packs – 500,000 in all in 2006, for a total of 3 million energy-saving light globes. Their work contributed significantly to raising our profile and securing the growth of our business and we have received extensive coverage in publications and other media throughout NSW.

Vicki Zacharidis, Corporate Express
DRPR has been our agency and strategic partner since February 2005. During that time, they have gained a good understanding of our business, our values and our strategic objectives. We work as a team to ensure that the intrinsic value of our organisation is clearly articulated. DRPR has developed relationships with internal and external stakeholders – in an effort to add value. They make it easy for me and the management team to manage our PR needs.

David Freeman, BBX
It was important to BBX to work with a consultancy that had a good grasp of our industry. We were able to find this in DRPR, especially since they are members of BBX.

We find DRPR very professional with an excellent service and response times. The team adds a valuable balance to our PR requirements and brings an ‘outsider’s’ approach to any PR activity we want to engage in. DRPR’s knowledge of its industry is first class, as is its range of contacts.