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Flexible rainwater bladder-tanks stay out of sight in Faulconbridge
Rainwater bladder-tanks - a new design of water tank that are flexible enough to fit under the house - are proving increasingly popular and can capture up to 500% more water compared to the standard tank system.

The system, called Rain Reviva, was ideal for Faulconbridge resident Peter Crow who personally installed a Rain Reviva bladder-tank that can hold a total of 4,000 litres of rain water.

“We wanted to make space under a recently added sunroom useful,” Crowe said.

“With the restrictions on water, we decided to put in a rainwater tank, but weren’t happy with what was around. Then we stumbled across Rain Reviva, which was perfect because of space under the sunroom.

“We use the water from the Rain Reviva system to water our vegetable garden and to wash the car.

“By installing the Rain Reviva system and using other water conservation methods, our water bill has dropped by 20%.

“We are very happy with the Rain Reviva, it was a good investment,” Crowe said.

A traditional water tank will only capture water from one side of the roof, whereas the Rain Reviva system installed under the house uses the entire catchment surface area of the roof, which means that more rainwater is diverted into the tank.

Andrew Pearce, CEO of New Water, the suppliers of Rain Reviva tanks, believes they work far more effectively than the traditional tank, which is not able to capture water in the same way and typically takes much longer to fill.

“Rain Reviva bladder-tanks helps NSW homeowners comply with the Building Sustainability Index System (BASIX) that was introduced in 2004 to reduce water usage in homes by 40 percent,” Mr Pearce said.

“In fact, up to 30,000 litres of water can be stored underneath a house using our tanking system, which can make a considerable difference to a household’s tap-water usage.

“Homeowners need to think seriously about how rainwater tanks can make a real difference, and we believe this is the best way to harness rainwater and store the water. The fact that the tanks stay out of site is an obvious bonus,” he said.

The 100 percent Australian system was invented by Malcolm Gordon, Director of New Water, who has worked in the water treatment industry for over 20 years and has developed a reputation as one of the leading experts in the construction of practical solutions to water treatment problems faced by both domestic and commercial entities.

In addition to the bladder-like tank, the system incorporates an ‘inlet diversion’ – a ‘swing arm’ system - that efficiently diverts the rainwater from each downpipe into the water sacs. A pump system then allows the water to be reticulated to a range of devices from the garden hose and the pool to sprinkling systems and even the washing machine and dishwasher.

Rain Reviva systems range in price, depending on the size and number of bladders being installed, but typically start at around $2,000 to $2,500 for a 2,200 litre bladder.

Rain Reviva is sold by New Water throughout the country. The system is sold as a full kit, which includes a pump and pressure control mechanism.

New Water is a water specialist company that provides water management solutions throughout Australia. The company is also in the process of launching a system that recycles household grey-water. The company is currently franchising in NSW.

Information at or 1300 552 695.

Released for New Water by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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