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MEDIA RELEASE 1 November 2004

The no-mow, no-water lawn comes to the Central Coast
As New South Wales feels the effect of water restrictions and the drought, the no-water, no-mow synthetic lawn, which looks like natural grass, has come to the Central Coast, with the lawns being installed by garden enthusiasts and Pro-tech agents Annette and Richard Pascoe.

Gloria Durbin, who is the first person from the Central Coast to have the synthetic lawn installed, said she opted for the lawn because she was having difficulty growing natural grass.

“My backyard faces the south and I couldn’t grow grass in it. I decided that while I was having the lawn installed in my backyard that I may as well install it in the front yard too.

“I used to get someone to come and mow my lawn, but now I don’t need to do a thing to it. It doesn’t need to be fed, weeded or watered.

“As you get older you don’t want to do a lot of maintenance in the backyard.

“The synthetic grass looks real and I have had a couple of neighbours comment on how wonderful it looks. I’d recommend it to everyone,” said Gloria.

The synthetic lawn system is based on a unique European concept, which has been brought to Australia by Pro-tech. Pro-tech uses the process of ‘fibrillation’ to split the fibres and give the lawn the grass-like look and feel.

Annette and Richard Pascoe became Pro-tech agents after hearing Bill Rorke, Managing Director for Pro-tech, talking about the lawn in a radio interview, and decided to give him a call.

“As well as being conscious of the need to conserve water, we wanted something that we could both get involved with and thought that the synthetic lawns sounded like a great concept,” said Annette.

“I think that the Central Coast will embrace the synthetic lawn. Time is precious in today’s society and we have so little of it available for leisure activities that many people prefer to spend it with their families or enjoying the beautiful surroundings rather than working in the garden,” she said.

Pro-tech, the company that brought the synthetic lawns to Australia, also installs professional synthetic golf putting greens, which play as true as a championship green, yet require no maintenance and watering.

“We are keen golfers ourselves and we know that having a putting green in your backyard is a golfer’s heaven,” Annette said.

Pro-tech putting greens are available nation-wide with one recently installed in the front yard of Australian golf champion Peter O’Malley, who joins a host of international golfers to install the synthetic putting green, including Vijay Sing, Mark Calcavecchia, Sergio Garcia, Lee Janzen, Hale Irwin and Corey Pavin to mention a few.

Pro-tech is owned by Bill Rorke, a former Australian international soccer player and keen amateur golfer.

Released for Pro-tech Corp by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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