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MEDIA RELEASE 01 December 2008

Stuck for inexpensive holiday ideas? Try camping in the great outdoors
Camping is a great cost effective holiday choice for the family this summer and with thousands of destinations to choose from all you need now is the right equipment.

Outdoor adventure retailer Anaconda has compiled a check list of camping essentials to take with you this summer. Below is an essential few, for further information visit your nearest Anaconda store.

A quality tent that is easy to set up with a thick floor and strong frame with plenty of room

Like the Spinifex Esperance cabin tent
730cm x 365cm x 250cm and sleeps up to 12, price $569.98

Bedding including sleeping bags and air beds

Like the Denali lite sleeping bags
Comes in a range of weights for comfort in varying climates, prices $109.98 to $154.98, and the
Denali self inflating mattresses
Light weight and compact yet comfortable, great for hiking, available in a range of sizes, prices from $59.98

Furniture like folding chairs and table

Like the Spinifex family picnic set
Seats six, the set folds up neatly into the table and is sturdy but light-weight, price $229.98

Cooking equipment like a stove, eating utensils and items to prepare food

Like the Spinifex camping starter kit
Kit includes a compact, two burner gas stove, gas lantern and extension pole, price $119.98

Lighting like torches and lanterns

Like the Spinifex Capella lantern
Runs on three AA batteries and gives 25 hours of light, price $59.98

Enough food and drinks for the duration of the trip especially if you are not going to be near any shops

For meals try the Spinifex 16 piece dinner set
Made from hard wearing melamine, includes four sets of dinner plate, flat plate, bowl and cup, price $39.97

Enough water to last the holiday or a compact water filter. If drinking from water sources use bubbling springs or flowing creeks, avoid stagnant water

Try the Spinifex aluminium water bottles Three sizes include 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml, prices $12.98 to $18.98

Cleaning equipment like a portable shower and wash basin to wash yourself and your equipment

Like the Spinifex solar shower which uses energy from the sun to heat 20 litres of water in three hours and has an integrated thermometer, price $14.98

First aid kit

Like the Trafalgar home first aid kit
Includes the essentials like for those small medical emergencies, price $49.99

- Sunscreen and insect repellent
- Garbage bags - remember to leave your environment the way you found it
- Batteries
- Baking soda - it's useful for deodorising tents and sleeping bags, removing stains and also as a cleanser
- Games and cards to keep the kids entertained (a portable DVD player can also be great if you're travelling long distances in the car)
- The most important thing to remember is to be prepared!

David Johnston, Business Manager of Camping at Anaconda, says there are a few essentials to remember to pack when taking the family camping this holiday season.

"For camping holidays of a week or more you need to consider the full range of gear, a good quality tent that is easy to put up with plenty of room is probably the most important thing to spend your money on," David said.

"It is also important to remember to leave your environment the way you left it which can sometimes be forgotten when you're enjoying the outdoors," he added.

"Leave No Trace is an organisation supported by Anaconda which has been set up to educate outdoor lovers. Leave No Trace has seven basic principles; plan ahead and prepare, travel and camp on durable surfaces, dispose of waste properly, leave what you find, minimise campfire impacts, respect wildlife and be considerate of other visitors," he said.

For more information on Leave No Trace visit their website

Anaconda was founded in November 2004 by Toby Darvall, after selling his share in a camping and army surplus wholesale business he co-founded 13 years previously. He had formerly been a business reporter at Melbourne's popular daily, The Age.

Anaconda currently has 18 stores - three in NSW, six in Queensland, five in Victoria, two in WA, one in SA and one in Tasmania, with plans for future expansion.

Anaconda can be contacted on 1300 669 137 or by visiting

Released for Anaconda by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations (
For further information please call Kim Larochelle or Nicola Rutzou on (02) 9413 4244.
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