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Australia's favourite tomato sauce lives on
In light of news that tomato sauce manufacturer Heinz has closed its factory in Victoria, one iconic Australian brand is going against the odds and celebrating more than 100 years of Australian sauce making… and it's still going strong.

Rosella Tomato Sauce is a household Australian-owned and made brand that has been delighting our tastebuds since 1895 with its good, old-fashioned quality.

The story of Rosella began with founders H. R. McCracken, a commission agent, and local grocer, T. J. Press, who started making jams and preserving fruits in the backyard of their homes in Carlton, Victoria. Soon recognising the potential of their business, the owners created the Rosella brand name with the highly colourful Australian native bird as the symbol - an idea that probably came from a combination of the flocks of Eastern Rosella that routinely flew over their backyard as well as from the names Rose and Ella (daughters of the owners).

What is certain is that the same original Rosella Tomato Sauce recipe has been kept authentic to this day, using the freshest, premium quality ingredients, gentle processing and the most advanced technology.

Today, more than 2.6 million litres of Rosella Tomato Sauce is sold every year - enough to make a meal of 160 million meat pies or fill an Olympic swimming pool.

To keep up with the growing demand for its products, the company moved its preserving and bottling facility to Seven Hills, NSW, in November 2011 and now employs 100 people.

"We've enjoyed prosperous times and weathered recessions alongside generations of Australians. But our commitment to provide Aussie families with wholesome foods using the freshest produce is as strong as ever. In keeping up with this tradition, we'll be introducing exciting new products later this year," CEO of Rosella Foods, Phillip Osbourne, says.

"Another initiative we have been working on includes the recent limited release of a replica of our 1930 Rosella Tomato Sauce bottle. Plus, we've become sponsors of the Greater Western Sydney Giants for their first year in the AFL. We're proud of being Australian owned and made and it's important for us to support our community," Osbourne adds.

About Rosella
Rosella Foods is a leading Australian food manufacturer based in Seven Hills, Sydney, supplying the market with a broad range of condiments including pickled vegetables, soups, sauces and relishes.

The Australian owned company is committed to supplying outstanding consumer and customer service of high quality, safe foods into the Australasian Market.

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