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The drought resistant, no-water lawn
As turns up the water restrictions a notch, a drought resistant, no-water lawn is being installed across the nation.

The synthetic lawn, which looks like natural grass, has been installed in backyards, schools, childcare centres, nursery displays and host of other applications across Australia as residents consider other options to conserve water.

Roxburgh Homestead Primary School in Roxburgh Park, Melbourne, installed the 300 square metre Pro-tech lawn as an alternative to the dying grass.

Principal Darrell Lynch says that it a nice surprise for students returning from their holidays.

“The drought had a major impact on our grass, which was starting to look bald and patchy, but now the colour is lovely and green. The courtyard is a quiet retreat area for students, which contains beautiful blossom trees and where we have also re-planted the garden beds.

“The children have been sitting on the grass and love it. They now have somewhere nice where they can sit and chat,” Lynch said.

Mr Lynch said that the Pro-tech lawn, which only took a couple of days to install, has made a huge impact on the look of the school.

“We have had wonderful feedback from the school community. We like to take pride in our school and when we installed the lawn it was like an instant makeover. It is very pleasant, looks extremely natural and doesn’t have to be mown. Other schools in the northern regions had installed synthetic lawns and we had heard positive things about it.

“We looked at a couple of different lawns and the Pro-tech lawn was the most natural looking, that is why we went with this one,” he said.

Bill Rorke, Managing Director of Pro-tech Corp said that many people around Australia have already installed the lawn because it is a great alternative to grass or paving.

“We also believe that the lawn is an excellent way for houses to comply with eco-friendly water restrictions.

“The product is porous, with water draining straight through to the ground beneath, is completely safe for pets and people and last ten years with no maintenance,” said Rorke.

The lawn is based on a unique European concept, which has been brought to Australia by Pro-tech, which uses the process of ‘fibrillation’ to split the fibres and give the lawn the grass-like look and feel.

Pro-tech, the company that brought the synthetic lawns to Australia also installs professional synthetic golf putting greens. One was recently installed in the front yard of Australian golf champion Peter O’Malley

Pro-tech lawns and putting greens are available nation-wide. Pro-tech is owned by Bill Rorke, a former Australian international soccer player.

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