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MEDIA RELEASE 02 June 2008

Qsilica for strong hair and nails - beauty from the inside out
Qsilica, made in Australia by Planet Health, contains clinically researched premium ingredients for healthy and strong hair and nails.

Silica, the mineral used in the Qsilica range, is important for the growth of connective tissue in the body which is necessary for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Melinda Hunt, Planet Health's Product Development Manager, said silica is important in our diet.

"It may be difficult to gain a sufficient amount of silica through diet alone, which is why supplements can be beneficial," Hunt explained.

Different to most other silica supplements, Qsilica is a colloidal suspension of microscopic particles of mineral silica. Colloidal minerals may be utilised by the body to promote and encourage the growth of strong, healthy hair and nails.

Teresa Ann Marshall from Auckland, New Zealand, said Planet Health's Qsilica Gel has worked wonders for her.

"I started off with short, weak nails that were continuously chipping and breaking and now my nails are so strong that I just can't stop marvelling at them," Marshall said.

"Also, my hair is noticeably stronger too. Last but not least, my skin is so much smoother and firmer. I stepped out today for the first time without makeup and a friend complimented me on my skin - she thought I had makeup on," she added.

The Qsilica dietary supplements are available through pharmacy and health food outlets as well as through natural healthcare practitioners throughout Australia. They are sold as 500ml gel or 50 capsules for a RRP of $29.95.

Planet Health was founded in Sydney in February 1996 by Peter and Mandy Harwood. Peter had previously spent a number of years in the natural healthcare industry in sales and management roles. The team has many years of experience in the natural health industry and includes six qualified Naturopaths.

Planet Health distributes only brands that meet a very high standard of quality, reputation, innovation and ethics. These brands include Australian Bush Flower Essences, Lifestream, [Al'chemy] and [A'kin] from The Purist Company, Springfields, Efamol and Planet Health's own Qsilica range.

Planet Health can be contacted on (02) 4862 9999 or by visiting

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