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MEDIA RELEASE 02 August 2007

Local mouth painting artist to exhibit artworks at QLD EKKA show again
Bunbury mouth painting artist Marion Swanepoel will be entering two of her artworks in the upcoming Royal Queensland Show (EKKA) from 9 to 18 August in Brisbane.

Marion began painting with a brush held in her mouth after the onset of Atypical Spinal Muscular Atrophy left her in a wheelchair. She has been a student member of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists for 11 years and this will be the eighth year her paintings are entered into the EKKA show art competition.

"The first painting I am entering, called '1 2 3', is of a little girl counting eggs she has collected from the chicken shed on a farm. It was inspired by photos my art mentor had taken whilst away on holiday. I was trying to challenge myself by painting people and animals," Marion said.

"The second painting is titled 'Great Egret' and it features a bird which is very similar to a heron called an 'egret'. As I am a retired biology teacher, I love nature and the outdoors and that's what inspired this painting," she said.

For Marion, art is a learning process that constantly presents new challenges.

"I'm currently on a learning curve, trying to build my skills and experiment with new media and materials," Marion said.

Founded in 1956 by a group of European artists, the MFPA is a self-help organisation which gives people with disabilities the opportunity to fulfil their creative ambitions while still maintaining financial independence by selectively selling their artworks.

The MFPA was established in Australia in 1971 and currently has 17 members around the country.

To become a student member an artist must qualify by painting using a brush held in either their mouth or foot, having lost the use of their hands through an illness or accident. Student members receive scholarships for art supplies and tuition. Once an artist becomes a full member or associate they are guaranteed a salary for life, even if they are unable to continue painting.

For further information on the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists contact MFPA on 02 9698 3933.

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For further information please call Aleks Czerwinski or Anthia Crosby on (02) 9413 4244.

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