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MEDIA RELEASE 02 August 2016

Tweed Heads Bowls Club solves a solar problem
When Tweed Head Bowls Club was planning to install rooftop solar panels to help offset their high energy costs they encountered an unlikely problem.

The club is situated close to the Pacific Ocean and as a result they receive a salt laden sea breeze. Furthermore, local land development and extensions to the nearby Coolangatta Airport meant that the airborne dust would adhere to the panels due to the salty condensation.

Their solar installer, Huon Hoogesteger of Smart Commercial Solar said that originally the 100KW scheme had been proposed using conventional panels, but early in the planning stage they became aware of the potential for panel soiling that would have created the need for much higher cleaning costs than usual.

"As a result we recommended a change in the panel specification to a dual module called Trina Solar Duomax that will cut down on the high cleaning requirement and as a result drastically reduce this maintenance cost.

"This type of panel is a frameless module comprising of two layers of 2.5mm heat strengthened glass that replaces the plastic backing sheet that is found on most photovoltaic solar panels. It provides protection from salt mist, sand, acid, alkali, has a fire class A safety rating and reduces UV ageing," he said.

Gerard Robinson Tweed Heads Bowls Club General Manager said: "We have now installed 384 Trina Solar Duomax double glass panels on the strong recommendation of our installer that will generate 100KW a year and save 150 tonnes of carbon.

"As well as the solar, we have been replacing old plant and lights so our $80,000 monthly summer power bill will be cut by $20,000 and the incentive is for us to drive to increase our savings even further by expanding the size of our solar scheme in the future when we complete some planned roof renovations.

"In our climate, not surprisingly air conditioning is our biggest cost as our club is on three levels with three dining areas and we even have an indoor air conditioned Bowling Green, where the Australian indoor bowling championships are played each year," Gerard Robinson said.

Tweed Heads Bowls Club: Founded in 1921, it moved to the current site in 1975 which is situated a few hundred metres from the New South Wales and Queensland borders on the south east end of the Gold Coast.

It has four world glass outdoor bowling greens and a world class indoor bowls facility where the Australian Indoor Bowls Championships are held each year.

There are three restaurants to suit tastes and price points.

About Trina Solar: Trina Solar is a tier one world supplier of photovoltaic modules. Founded in 1997, it employs 15,000 people in 22 countries and has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2006 and was declared the most bankable company in the 2016 Bloomberg Finance Report. It has shipped more than 15 GW of solar panels world-wide since 2007. In Australia Trina Solar has an R&D investment through support of the Australian National University and the University of NSW and is a major module supplier nationally to the commercial and domestic markets. 

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