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MEDIA RELEASE 02 October 2009

Planning an attic conversion - bring the light in
With housing prices and urban population growing, residents need to think of innovative ways to make the best of the space they already have. Whether it is to create an extra living area or simply more storage room, an attic conversion can be a cost-effective way to maximise the space.

According to Skydome, an Australian supplier and manufacturer of skylight and ventilation products, roof space is an underutilised resource in most Australian homes.

"The roof space was originally designed to create an insulation barrier between the roof and the ceiling, but it can be better utilised for storage purposes or as a living area," said Michael Bonello, Skydome managing director.

"Clutter is a problem in many homes and by gaining access to the roof cavity, many seasonal toys, light bulky items and occasional use items can now be stored out of the way.

"More recent uses of the roof space have also been for the installation of hot water systems, alarm systems, air conditioning, ventilation units and security storage," he added.

According to Bonello, the essential elements of an attic conversion are skylights, improved insulation and a proper floor.

"Before converting your attic, you also need to check with an architect or engineer if the floor of your ceiling joists meet all structural requirements and will be able to bear the load," Bonello said.

"Pests don't like light so bringing in the light with a Skywindow or Skydome is a great way to reduce the risks of infestation in your attic while brightening up the space," he added.

Skydome's Skywindows and traditional Skydomes are ideal for reclaimed attics and lofts to add natural light and ventilation. They are available in two versions: fixed (non-opening) or hinged from the top.

Skywindow accessories include a range of blinds, external awnings, rain sensor and an electric open and close device.

Skywindows have a 5-star energy rating from the Australasian Window Council. They suit rooftops between 15 and 75 degrees and are double-glazed to shield against unwanted summer heat and prevent heat escaping in winter.

For roof space converted into storage, Skydome sells the Up.away retractable timber ladder that provides safe, easy and affordable access to roof cavities. Available in four standard sizes, the ladder can be easily installed by a handyman or installation can be arranged through Skydome.

Skydome currently offers four types of skylights each with unique features and applications: Skydome, Skytube, Skywindows and glass Skydomes.

Skydome products are custom-made to suit Australian conditions and their robust roof flashings offer excellent watertightness.

For more information on Skydome and its products, visit or call 13 14 24.

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