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MEDIA RELEASE 3 September 2004

Local desalination company bids for Gold Coast Water project
Aqua Dyne, Australia’s newest company specialising in thermal desalination, which is Brisbane-based and operates a pilot plant and production facility at Stapylton, has provided a submission to the Gold Coast Desalination Investigation Study.

The 22 page Registration of Interest was submitted to the Gold Coast Water on Friday 27 August.

Aqua Dyne Managing Director Jim Wilson said that he believed they had fully answered the questions posed by Gold Coast Water in over fifty areas, including the capacity of their JetWater system to desalinate and purify sea water, water from the Council’s waste water treatment plants and brackish ground water.

“We clearly emphasised the benefits of our system, ranging from operational, maintenance, social and environmental.

“The fact that our JetWater system has been designed on a modular basis with few moving parts and no membranes to clog and foul, was seen as being of distinct advantage,” Mr Wilson said.

The Gold Coast submission by Aqua Dyne follows the recent independent report by international environmental and engineering consultants Maunsell, which rated the JetWater system as being one of the world’s best.

The report by Maunsell and their Chicago affiliate Metcalf and Eddy, made a cost and technical comparison of the Aqua Dyne JetWater system with a range of other commercial water desalination technologies available around the world.

Maunsell rated the Aqua Dyne system as one of the best overall in the market based on both technical and cost criteria provided by Aqua Dyne.

Thermal desalination of water is based on evaporation, which duplicates nature’s own purification process, by heating water and condensing the steam.

In a recent article in Business Acumen magazine, Gold Coast Cr Mayor Ron Clarke said that he wanted his region to lead the way with water desalination.

He acknowledged that already he had had some direct preliminary discussions with Aqua Dyne about how it could meet the water challenges of the Gold Coast region, including paving the way with a pilot plant installation.

Aqua Dyne intends to continue its dialogue with Cr Clarke and the Gold Coast Council.


Released on behalf of Aqua Dyne by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations. For further information please contact Dennis Rutzou or David Lizzio
on (02) 9413 4244.

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