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MEDIA RELEASE 3 September 2007

Water your garden in spite of water restrictions this Spring
As a result of serious water shortages and restrictions, many Australians are looking for alternative ways to keep their garden thriving this spring. A grey water treatment system is a practical solution.

The Aqua Reviva treatment system from New Water can recycle as much as 60 percent of the household waste grey water that can then be used for a number of purposes around the home.

Andrew Pearce, CEO of New Water, outlined the benefits of Aqua Reviva.

"Treated water from the Aqua Reviva can be stored for an unlimited period of time, unlike alternative diversion systems where the water must be used within 24 hours," Andrew said.

"As the system constantly recycles grey water, it can easily provide the home with a steady supply of water for everyday use especially in the garden, even in periods when there is minimal rain to replenish rainwater tanks," he added.

The award-winning Aqua Reviva has been approved by the relevant state health and other government departments and is available in all states, except Tasmania. It is small and unobtrusive and can be readily installed in most homes.

A family from Pymble, NSW, has recently installed an Aqua Reviva after becoming more conscious about the water it consumes.

"We thought it was such a waste to see the water we used for showers and in the washing machine going straight down the drain so we decided to do something about it," Susan said.

"By using treated recycled water for the garden and the washing machine, and to flush the toilets, we are maximising the use of our precious water whilst ensuring that our environment remains green and healthy," she said.

The Aqua Reviva employs a biological treatment process capable of treating up to 700 litres of water per day. It is designed to be as ecologically sound as possible - as well as using environmentally-friendly biological treatment processes, the pump runs on 12-volt power which can be operated using solar power.

As well as Aqua Reviva, New Water manufactures and markets Rain Reviva, the market leader in flexible rainwater tanks in Australia and has carved a niche in this market with its unique design that allows the tank to be installed under the house or deck. Rain Reviva bladder tanks capture rain from all areas of the roof and can collect up to 300 percent more water than traditional rainwater tanks.

All New Water products are Australian designed and made. The company also sells Microslim, Slimline and In-slab tanks.

New Water is a founding member of the Australian Grey Water Institute (AGWI), which endeavours to educate governments and households about the benefits of grey water treatment.

For more information on New Water and its products, visit or call 1300 552 695 (1 300 NEW WATER).

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