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MEDIA RELEASE 3 October 2006

BBX annual report released to ASX
BBX Holdings Limited (BBX) listed their annual report with the ASX on Friday and recorded a net profit after tax of $1.080 million. This represents an increase of $825,000 or 323 percent over the previous year.

The report outlines the exponential growth in trading activity, which included a significant increase in the number of real estate transactions. Many members are now using their BBX membership to create wealth through real estate investment.

In the financial year under review, gross revenue was $10,066 million, an increase of $1.794 million (21.69 percent), on a trading volume of $146 million. This represents a staggering increase of 61 percent on the previous year’s trading volume of $90.199 million, attributable to members of the exchange.

Active membership numbers passed 4,500 for the first time, reaching 4,535 or up 5.5 percent.

In recent months master franchises were signed to establish BBX New Zealand, BBX India and BBX China. Overseas franchise interest and partnership enquiries were received from a number of other countries including Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico and the United States.

As well as continuing to grow the membership base, the company is also exploring opportunities to offer a broader range of financial services in areas such as mortgage broking, insurance, business finance and financial planning.

BBX is Australasia’s first publicly listed trade exchange manager and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 12 August 2005 with 27.7 million shares quoted at an issue price of 25 cents.

Through the company’s partner in China, the launch of BBX China will introduce a further 300,000 businesses to the membership base of BBX, giving the company approximately 307,000 members in Australia, New Zealand, India and China and making it the world’s largest reciprocal trade exchange in membership terms.

The company can be contacted on 1800 222 229. The website is

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