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MEDIA RELEASE 3 October 2006

Rheem Commpak delivers turn-key hot water
Rheem’s commercial division has launched the new Commpak gas instantaneous hot water system range that delivers continuous hot water for a variety of applications like hotels, apartments, hospitals and sporting clubs.

The Rheem Commpak is an instantaneous hot water system with no tank, making it compact and easy to install in either a wall or floor mount design. It maintains mains pressure performance due to the pressure pump within the system.

David Micallef, Technical Marketing Manager, Rheem Commercial said, “the product was developed in response to feedback we had from the market. Increasingly there is limited space available in developments for larger systems. We also made sure that the product was pre-engineered and assembled to minimise time on site.”
The Commpak system includes a bank of up to six instantaneous hot water heaters that are pre-engineered and assembled by Rheem prior to delivery. The system can be installed by a plumber and electrician who simply need to connect it to the water and gas lines, and the power supply.

Rheem Commpak has a five star energy rating heating source making it energy efficient and able to heat water up to 80°C which is required for applications like laundries and hospitals.

For applications that require a tailor-made system, Rheem has also introduced the Commpak Plus that utilises two or more pumps, temperature sensors and controls. It is pre-engineered to project specific requirements and assembled by Rheem to make it easy to install on site. A building management system interface is also included making trouble-shooting simple.

The new range also includes the Multipak staged supply system that is ideal for intermittent use such as sporting clubs. The system includes up to six instantaneous gas water heaters. Ignition of each water heater is staged in response to flow demands, only heating the water as it is required, reducing energy consumption.

It is also pre-engineered and assembled in the factory so can be easily installed by a plumber. Typically there will be three connections required rather than up to 39 if all the connections were required to be fitted on site.

The Multipak system is available approved for delivery of water less than 50°C so no tempering valve is required, in accordance with Australian Standards .

The Rheem Commpak range has a five year warranty on the heat exchanger and one year warranty on parts and labour.

The new Rheem Commpak range is available from Rheem Commercial. Call Rheem Australia on 132 552 for product information or technical enquiries.

Released for Rheem Australia by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For further information please call Nicola Rutzou or Aleks Czerwinski on 02 9413 4244.

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