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Melbourne Television personality puts stop to water guzzling
While gardener and television personality Margot McDonald is passionate about plants, she is also concerned about water guzzling in gardens across Australia.

McDonald is the Researcher, Host and Producer of The Garden Tap, a television program screened in Adelaide and Melbourne on local community television. She has been producing the show for almost three years and providing a wealth of gardening information and exploring gardens all over Victoria.

In her garden, situated in the Melbourne Suburb of East Brighton, she has recently chosen to install a range of water solution systems by a company called New Water.

New Water has developed a 100 percent Australian rainwater collection system called Rain Reviva, as well as a grey water treatment system called Aqua Reviva.

The Reviva systems enable Margot to use water on the garden without feeling guilty.

"Installing the Aqua Reviva and Rain Reviva systems, has allowed me to choose different plants in the garden- not just those that are drought hardy. Although I have steered away from the old English gardens in this hot climate, I love being able to grow a variety of plants, many rare and unusual, some of which do require regular watering to thrive," she said.

"I also installed the New Water systems to do my bit to save our precious water resources. Australia is one of the driest continents on Earth so we have to think about innovative ways of using less water.

"Iíve always wanted to collect rainwater and recycle water but never wanted to take up the back garden with huge tanks. So when I saw these systems I got really excited because they canít be seen. Itís fantastic," she said.

The Rain Reviva is based on a different concept to the standard water rainwater tank because it is constructed using soft material to make a ' bladder ' of any shape or size and can be stored underneath a house or deck or in a slab.

Margot is also very happy with her new Reviva system because it was so easy to install.

"The installation process for both systems was so simple. The plumbers were fabulous and installed the systems with any fuss ¨ I left it to the experts and provided the tea, sandwiches, and the occasional tap step," she said.

"Homeowners in Australia need to think seriously about how rainwater collection and recycling can make a real difference, and I believe the Reviva systems provide the best way to do this.

"The Rain Reviva system harnesses and stores the rain water from our roof, and
Aqua Reviva system collects and treats the shower, basin and washing machine water. That water can be stored for as along as I like so I never run out of water. We use it to flush the toilets, water the garden and occasionally wash the car and even the dogs," she said.

New Water sells the Aqua Reviva and Rain Reviva systems throughout Australia. The system is sold as a full kit, which includes a pump and pressure control mechanism.

Information at or call 1300 552 695 (1 300 NEW WATER).

Released for New Water by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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