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MEDIA RELEASE 04 June 2008

EESTECH recruits industry experts
EESTECH has appointed Graeme Lynch as operations manager and John Hanson as marketing and public relations manager.

Both have spent the past four and half years working for carbon capture and storage specialists HTC Purenergy (a Canadian based, publicly listed company on the Toronto Stock Exchange - Venture under the code HTC), where they have been involved in pioneering, branding and commercialising the technology on a worldwide basis.

In their new role they will be Sydney-based, but have an Asia-Pacific and international role.

EESTECH obtained the Asia-Pacific rights to the HTC Purenergy Carbon Capture technology in December 2007. The HTC technology includes the world's first pre-engineered, modular, 1000 tonne per day carbon capture system known as the "CCS Purenergy Series", which when integrated with EESTECH's Hybrid Coal Gas Turbine (HCGT), utilises waste coal and methane to produce the energy required for carbon capture, meaning that the cost of carbon capture is significantly reduced.

Graeme Lynch brings to EESTECH a background in corporate development and is an experienced executive in bringing new technologies to market. He has been involved in managing international market development programs; technology deployment and operational analysis.

John Hanson has a background in international business management, marketing and is a sales strategist. John will also continue in a joint role further developing HTC`s business on a global basis.

EESTECH CEO, Murray Bailey said that he was delighted to have these two very experienced executives join the team and looked forward to their contribution to the development of the EESTECH business globally.
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