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MEDIA RELEASE 04 August 2011

Is Australia ready for a news revolution?
Since the Murdoch empire's controversial fall from grace, the media has been under scrutiny like never before. Now that News Corp's dubious practices have been exposed, there's a growing cynicism within the news readership towards contemporary journalism, and the political agendas of media owners.

So, are Australians looking for some new news?

International trends indicate that readers are looking for a simpler, easy-to-read news format that compiles the highlights of international and domestic news, in a neutral and transparent voice. This could explain the increasing demand for the quiet achieving magazine, The Week.

The Week is a surprising late addition to the line-up of competing news sources in Australia. However, if the achievements of its prolific older siblings in the UK and the US are anything to go by, the odds are looking good for the burgeoning Australian edition.

At a time when magazines everywhere are struggling for survival, The Week is on its way to becoming the world's most successful magazine. Launched 16 years ago by a former Fleet Street journalist on a tiny budget, The Week now boasts a high global circulation, fast growing profits and a hugely influential readership.

Circulation now stands at almost 200,000 in the UK and continues to grow. In America, the figure will soon reach 600,000. Australian circulation is also on the rise, with latest figures to be released in November 2011. There are also rumours of further international editions to come.

Mike Frey, Managing Director of The Week in Australia, says the fast growing profits are a result of the magazine's "newsy production, the limited quota of high-rate ads and low-churn subscriptions", which he believes keep profit margins high.

"The growth of The Week is exceptional when you consider the alternative of free online news and factor in declining magazine sales. But next month the UK edition will post its 26th consecutive half-yearly circulation increase, which we are estimating at well over 200,000, and we expect Australia's figures to follow suit when they are released in November this year," says Frey.

"The Week is all you need to know about everything that matters, from sport and entertainment to politics and finance. The template of The Week is deliberately similar to pre-internet magazines, which I think is really proving to be part of its appeal.

"The success of The Week may serve to show that there is more than one horse on this course and magazines can indeed be very 21st century. The Week is definitely a dark horse to watch out for, even in Australia's 'post-magazine' mediascape," Frey adds.

About The Week

The Week magazine summarises and distils quality Australian and international media coverage each week in an unbiased way.

It succinctly covers the breaking national and world news, politics and current affairs and the latest in entertainment, technology, health, money, sports and leisure. It is distributed every Friday.

The Week is owned by UK-based Dennis Publishing and is also published in the USA and the UK.

For more information on The Week, visit or call 1300 843 933.

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