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MEDIA RELEASE 4 November 2004


New Acroba J Forklift launched on the Australian market
TCM’s new Acroba J forklift has been launched on the Australian market and the distributors of the vehicle, Lencrow Group, believe the forklift represents a technology break-through for the industry.

Ross Grassick, General Manager of Lencrow Group says the Acroba J incorporates major advances in operational efficiency, manoeuvrability, and overall performance.

“A big feature of this new forklift is that the left and right sides of the vehicle are independently controlled by two separate motors and guided by a central computer system,” said Grassick.

“This means that the driver will find the forklift a lot more flexible compared to previous models as the separate functions will enable the vehicle to perform pivotal turns off the centre of the front drive axle. The forklift can therefore be utilised in very narrow spaces.

“The independent motors will also result in less noise, less vibration and better traction on wet and slippery surfaces, which are a characteristic of many work sites. If one side of the truck looses traction, then it will not affect the other side.

“Another thing that makes the Acroba J so manoeuvrable is the newly designed compact body, which has a nimble J-line appearance, hence the name of the vehicle, and a trim front structure, which also improves visibility and safety.

“In fact at full lock the Acroba can achieve an outside turning radius of just 1.6 metres – a breakthrough for a 1.5 ton battery-powered forklift.

“The batteries themselves, which power the advanced AC motor, have a total operating time of up to 8.5 hours per charge in Economy mode – one of three operational modes depending on the power and speed required.

“The improved battery life, along with easier access to the battery compartment itself, makes the forklift more economical and easier to maintain, and it also means the driver doesn’t have to worry about replacing or recharging the vehicle mid-shift, which can be a major hassle in large logistical operations. The new battery compartment means the vehicle does not need to be hoisted by a crane to replace the batteries,” said Grassick.

Overall maintenance costs for the Acroba J are also reduced by the inboard mounted maintenance free break system and new AC drive motors, which require no brushes or contactors.

Lencrow Group, one of Australia’s largest materials handling companies, recently signed a new distribution deal with TCM forklifts, through NTP forklifts, who import the TCM product into Australia.

The former companies that now operate under the new Lencrow Group name include Nomad Lift Trucks, Pacific Rentals, Allforks Hire, Pro-fork Materials Handling, Hilift Tailgates and Hilift Materials Handling.

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