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Melbourne athlete lines up for the final round of the Anaconda Adventure Race National Series
The final round of the Anaconda Adventure Race National Series is being held this Sunday, 9 December in Lorne with about 1,000 athletes racing individually or as a team. Port Melbourne resident Jarad Kohlar, winner of the 2006 Anaconda Adventure Race in Lorne, will be one of those competing for the title.

"I started adventure racing in 2003 and have done a few races in New Zealand. It is such an awesome sport that it can open your mind and lead to great opportunities. I'm planning on quitting my profession as a physical education teacher next year and devoting my time to adventure racing. My goal is to do the Coast-to-Coast adventure race in New Zealand next year," Jarad said.

"I participated in all the races of the Anaconda Series this year and it's been great. Generally, my strength is my consistency across all disciplines, but I'm naturally better at running. The area I need to improve is swimming," he added.

Jarad explained that many hours need to be spent every day on training prior to a race.

"If I was a full time athlete, I would train from six to eight hours a day, but due to my full-time work, I try to fit in about 21 to 24 hours per week. This includes everything from stretching, massages, gym, paddling, running, mountain biking and so on. I try to do a lot of off-road training. Going over the courses is critical for the Anaconda Series - you need to know the environment you'll be racing in," he explained.

Jarad said he participated in the Mark Webber challenge two weeks ago and had the opportunity to speak with Mark Webber.

"Chatting and competing with well-known athletes like Mark Webber is pretty inspiring. It's great that companies like Anaconda get behind this awesome sport of adventure racing," Jarad said.

Jarad, who won last year's Anaconda Adventure Race in Lorne, said spectators should still be expecting good results from him this year.

"Last year, I actually had more time to do a lot of training, but this year, I have more experience. So I'll use the knowledge of the course to my advantage and hopefully will still be up there on the podium... in first place," he said.

The 51.9 km race will start at 8:00 am at the Lorne Pier and include ocean swimming (1.9 km), ocean kayaking (13 km), coastal and trail running (11.2 km), mountain biking (23 km) and a beach run (2.8 km). The race is accessible to beginners, with a relay teams category where participants can join up with friends and colleagues to do just one leg each.

A range of activities held at Lorne Foreshore will keep the community entertained throughout the race weekend. Families will have a chance to experience Anaconda's outdoor climbing pinnacle, visit different exhibitors tents, witness trails raiders' bike tricks and much more.

Outdoor adventure retailer Anaconda is the principal sponsor of the race series which is run by Rapid Ascent headed up by former world champion kayaker John Jacoby who has competed and won many adventure races around the world. Anaconda recently opened its second store in Victoria in Geelong, bringing more competition to the outdoor retailing industry.

This is the third year of Anaconda Adventure races which began with the first race in Lorne in December 2005.

The Anaconda Adventure Race National Series was also held on the Gold Coast (QLD), in Forster (NSW) and in Geographe Bay (WA).

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