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MEDIA RELEASE 05 January 2010

New shelf management system improves retail merchandising
Provider of marketing at retail solutions SPOS recently introduced a new premium shelf management system Automatic Product Mover (APM) that consistently delivers products to the shelf edge irrespective of weight.

The APM is suitable for all types of retailers including supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores or any retail outlets where consumers select products from the shelf.

The Automatic Product Mover ensures visibility, availability and accessibility of products on all shelves, including the top and bottom ones which are often harder to access. As a result, it can contribute to a 20 per cent uplift in sales through peak trading hours.

In addition to providing consistent performance, the APM’s SPOS-patented roller cartridges system makes it easy for consumers to return products to the shelf.

The APM delivers products at a much lower angle than current shelf management systems, creating more usable space for the retailer.

Easy to maintain and clean, it also requires less labour to continually pull stock forward, allowing customers to be served efficiently, and out of stocks can be easily noted for re-ordering.

The system is delivered fully assembled in a box including: the shelf frame with roller cartridges, clear front risers, adjustable dividers and fixings. It is easy to install and is adaptable to fit all retail environments. It comes in a standard size of 915 mm wide and 485 mm deep with other sizes available on request.

SPOS is a leading provider of marketing at retail solutions in Australia and New Zealand that are designed to enhance the overall appearance of the products in-store and ultimately stimulate sales.

More information about SPOS Australia is available at or by calling 1800 263 988.

More information about SPOS NZ is available at or by calling 09 828 4877

Released for SPOS by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations (
For further information please call Kim Larochelle or Nicola Rutzou on (02) 9413 4244.

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