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MEDIA RELEASE 5 February 2007

Major business supplier taking the lead on ethical sourcing
One of Australia's largest office and business products supplier Corporate Express continues to take the lead on corporate social responsibility through ethical sourcing.

Grant Harrod, CEO of Corporate Express, said one of the company's key goals is to offer businesses a risk free partnership by being socially responsible.

"As an important link in the chain, we see ourselves in a unique position to influence the behaviour of manufacturers and create awareness for buyers by taking a leadership position," Harrod said.

"We are on a journey to view all our practices holistically and recognise that many of our social, ethical and environmental impacts reside as much in our supply chain as in our own activities.

"By taking responsibility for these impacts, we remain a valued business partner to our suppliers and customers who are seeking to add to their corporate citizenship goals.

"As a supplier, we are looking closely at 'changing behaviour' for Australian businesses by getting them to consider a range of practices including recycling products, chain of custody, fair trading, supply chain integrity and the EMAS standard.

The challenge for customers is obtaining accurate information and understanding the effect their buying choices will have on the environment," he said.

Nick Severino, Executive General Manager Merchandising and Procurement, is charged with overseeing the company's Ethical Sourcing Policy for a sustainable supply chain.

According to Severino, the Ethical Sourcing Policy aims to uphold the integrity of the supply chain by sourcing from suppliers that produce products within a framework of the highest ethical and environmental credentials.

"Our Ethical Sourcing Policy accredits suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to take account of their own responsibilities with an overall approach and specific policies that are complementary to our own.

"By taking a leadership position we can influence the supply chain and the behaviour that fits with the values that we are trying to achieve," Mr Severino said.
"The Ethical Sourcing Policy covers employment practices, workplace health and safety, environment and management controls.

"With direct imports we take responsibility to ensure compliance and will seek accreditation for the factories we use, including on-site audits to validate compliance.

"One of our key principles is to encourage manufacturers to make cost-effective environmentally and socially responsible products.

In partnership with Paperlinx Office, Corporate Express gives customers the opportunity to buy office paper made from fibre sourced from plantations and forestry operations which are managed in a sustainable way.

"Our sales growth in environmental products has demonstrated that customers are prepared to support these products and manufacturers that meet environmental responsibility standards.

"Our fastest growing copy paper last year was Australian-Made recycled paper. This paper helps to reduce landfill by providing a closed loop solution from waste to product which genuinely improves our local environment" he said.

The Policy applies to all sourcing activities within Australia and New Zealand, whether sourced from local or international vendors.

Corporate Express is Australia's leading supplier of office products and business supplies and is now in its 11th year in Australia and has 50 branches around Australia and New Zealand. For more information about Corporate Express please call 13 26 44 or visit the website at

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