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MEDIA RELEASE 5 April 2007

Accountant turned innovative business creator
When Chartered Accountant Andrew Pearce was looking for a great business opportunity, he turned to the water industry and founded New Water, a provider of innovative water saving solutions to home owners.

Andrew started his career with one of the big international accounting firms and he was soon promoted to Manager, a stepping stone for his future positions in management with various organisations around the world.

In July 2004, Andrew made a move away from the international corporate sector to head up New Water to be part of an industry where he could make a positive social contribution in Australia.

"I had been living overseas in Hong Kong for five years, came back for a visit and became aware of the water challenges facing Australia. I was introduced to the technology which we ultimately commercialised. I immediately recognised an exceptional business opportunity which not only had good commercial prospects, but could also make a positive contribution to reducing Australia’s water consumption," Andrew said.

Since founding New Water, the company has grown from seven staff to now employing over 50 people across Australia. New Water’s revenue was $1.7 million in 2006 and is expected to reach over $5 million in 2007, representing exceptional growth of around 300 percent. New Water is also projecting revenue for 2008 to be in excess of $10 million.

Andrew is a former President and Managing Director of TeleTech Asia Pacific, the industry leader in the call centre outsourcing industry employing 4,000 people across nine countries in the Asia Pacific region. He oversaw the company increase its annual revenue from $30 million to $150 million. He also has a background in international management consulting with an Executive MBA from Kellogg Business School.

All New Water products are Australian designed and made. The company sells Rain Reviva flexible bladder-tanks, a grey water treatment system called Aqua Reviva, slimline and in-slab rainwater tanks.
Information is available at or call 1300 552 695.

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