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MEDIA RELEASE 05 August 2014

Mouth painter Margaret Greig's gum trees go global
Mourya mouth artist Margaret Greig has a knack for painting true-to-life images of Australian landscapes, and now the world will see more of them as two of her paintings have been chosen to feature in a collection of greeting cards just released by the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA).

Margaret is delighted to have her artwork feature on the cards, which will be sold worldwide for the MFPA, an international, for-profit association wholly owned and run by disabled artists to help them meet their financial needs.

"Old Red Gums Outback" and "Old Red Gums Near Mudgee" are the two paintings that will feature in the 2015 greeting cards collection - both images capture the essence, colours and feeling of life in rural Australia.

Margaret has been painting by mouth since her mid-teens after contracting polio when she was just 13 years old. She has lived her life in a wheelchair since then and has become one of the MFPA's most recognizable artists. She has been an active student artist of the MFPA since 1970.

The release of the 2015 MFPA merchandise includes several new product categories such as a microfibre baby bath set, a set of 3D Christmas gift tags, Christmas serviettes, gift tags and wrapping paper. The new products are sold alongside popular favourites including jigsaw puzzles, address books, notebooks, greeting cards and placemats, all featuring art created by mouth and foot painting artists from around the world.

All products are available to purchase on-line through

About the MFPA
The MFPA was established in Australia in 1971 and currently has 16 members around the country.

To become a student member an artist must qualify by painting using a brush held in either their mouth or foot, having lost the use of their hands through an illness or accident. Student members receive scholarships for art supplies and tuition. Once an artist becomes a full member or associate they are guaranteed a salary for life, even if they are unable to continue painting.

For further information on the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists contact MFPA on (02) 9698 3933 or visit

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