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MEDIA RELEASE 5 September 2006

Aussie business launches waterless car washing in the dry and thirsty Middle East
Two young Aussie entrepreneurs have just launched their highly successful waterless mobile car washing and detailing franchise in Saudi Arabia - a dry country which has embraced the concept of the service.

Jim Cornish and Stewart Nicholls, both former race and rally drivers, established Ecowash Mobile in March 2004. The company rapidly grew from a two-car Sydney based service to 30 franchises operating 35 bright orange cars covering areas in five states across Australia.

The Aussie company took out the Getting Started award for the 2005 Australia Post Small Business Awards in November 2005.

Ecowash Mobile Directors Jim and Stewart decided to take a big step and seize the opportunity to launch their expanding business offshore in the Middle East.

“We were approached by someone who had lived and worked in the Middle East and therefore has a good understanding of the lifestyle and environmental issues Saudi Arabia faces. There is a massive water shortage in the Middle East, so the Ecowash Mobile franchise model is obviously a good fit,” Jim said.

Jim visited Saudi Arabia in February, June and then again in August to help establish the Master Franchise for the region.

“It has been a great experience. Saudi Arabians have a high level of integrity and they are great people to deal with. We all get along very well – it all started with just a handshake and we have gone from strength to strength” Jim said.

“They also like to structure long-term agreements. The Ecowash Mobile Middle East Master Franchise, located in Damman, is a 25-year project and we are very excited about the potential of the region.

“The Middle East operation already has four Ecowash Mobile cars on the roads, covering areas within Damman and Al-Khobar in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province. The local response has been great so far with both car dealerships and private car owners being extremely impressed with the quality of the results and the convenience of the service. Our protective coating lasts even longer and looks better on their cars because they don’t get mud, just sand,” Jim said.

Mohammed Hamdan, Ecowash Mobile Middle East Director, says Ecowash Mobile is an exceptional business opportunity for Saudi Arabia.

“The concept behind Ecowash Mobile is very smart. We would all like to save water as most of the Middle East countries are very dry and have a shortage of water. We rely on desalination plants to provide water, which is a very expensive operation, however, Ecowash Mobile is an easier way for Saudi Arabian residents and businesses to save water and keep their cars clean,” Mohammed said.

“We have always believed that the commitment of two parties has the potential to make a business very successful. We are confident our business will have an excellent future as Jim Cornish came from Australia to train and support our new franchise firsthand.

“The joint venture agreement will help create job opportunities for locals. Some funding institutions and government departments such as the Ministry of Water have already expressed an interest in supporting local young Ecowash Mobile franchisees,” he said.

Stewart said Ecowash Mobile and its franchisees in Australia will greatly benefit from the Middle East agreement.

“With the Ecowash Mobile brand going international, we won’t only increase our profile, market and reliability, but we will learn from the Saudi Arabians as they experience different conditions. We might also start importing from the Middle East some of the clothes we use during the Ecowash process,” Stewart said.

“All the Australian franchisees are excited about being part of a global family as they can see the franchise growing and becoming more successful,” he said.

Jim and Stewart are also in the process of finalising a joint venture agreement for the launch of Ecowash Mobile Europe (based in France) in October and Middle East operations will extend into the Kingdom of Bahrain, in November.

The Ecowash Mobile approach uses an exclusive product range that includes a biodegradable 2-in-1 wash and polish compound. The compound is sprayed onto the car exterior and encapsulates surface dirt and provides a lubricant, better than water, to remove dirt with a soft cloth. The polish leaves a protective coating that lasts four to six weeks to guard against the elements and harmful effects of wear and tear. An Ecowash is guaranteed not to scratch

The complete range of products enables a full detail inside and out including leather treatment, bumper renovation and scratch removal. To ensure long lasting protection of your car, Ecowash Mobile has also just introduced new protection options for paint, fabric and carpet or leather.

A variety of services are on offer, from a basic waterless wash and polish right through to a full detail called an Extreme Ecowash, to suit individual car owners, through to car dealers, smash repairers and corporate fleets.

For more information call 1 800 ECOWASH (1 800 326 927) or visit

Released for Ecowash Mobile by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For further information please call Kim Larochelle or Aleks Czerwinski on 02 9413 4244.

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