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MEDIA RELEASE 5 October 2006

New Rain Alert Gauge helps to monitor tank levels without leaving your home
A new and easy way to monitor the level of your rainwater tank from a convenient location inside the house, has been introduced by water solutions company New Water.

The new Rain Alert Gauge is a measurement device suitable for all vented tanks up to three metres high. National Sales Manager for New Water, Andrew Stack, says that Rain Alert provides an easy-to-install wireless method for monitoring tank levels.

“The device consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sits on top of the tank, using ‘ultrasonics’ to gauge the level of fluid in the tank. The receiver, which can be located up to 200 metres from the tank, is plugged into a power point with a small LCD panel continuously showing how much water is in your tank,” Mr Stack said.

“When the tank is below a pre-determined level, the LCD panel will flash a ‘Tank Fill’ picture, and when it is almost empty a red warning light will flash to indicate the low tank level.

“Rain Alert is a safe option to monitoring tank levels as it doesn’t require climbing on top of the tank and reaching in to make measurements. All it involves is reading the LCD display which may be located in the kitchen, bathroom, garage or shed,” he said.

Rain Alert is suitable for rainwater harvesting tanks including New Water’s flexible Rain Reviva bladder tanks as well as the company’s range of Slimline tanks. The lithium battery in the transmitter has a life of ten years and the entire device comes with a one year warranty.

The cost of a standard unit to fit a tank is $160 and is available from New Water.

New Water is an Australian company which sells innovative, customised water solutions in the form of grey water recycling and rainwater harvesting tanks and systems. The company is currently franchising in NSW.

Information at or 1300 552 695 (1 300 NEW WATER)

Released for New Water by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations ( For further information please call Fiona Pennington or Louise Wesolowski on (02) 9413 4244

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