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Discount fuel program rides in to rescue independent outlets
Small retailers and fuel outlets across Australia are feeling the pressure from Coles and Woolworths’ alliances with the major fuel groups. Now a new discount fuel program is riding in as a white knight.

The beepp program aims to rival the Coles and Woolworths chains’ docket discounts and is rolling out across Australia. The program gives independent retailers and independent fuel outlets a chance to fight back by offering even cheaper fuel for customers.

The new national initiative is different from other programs on offer chiefly because it operates on a cumulative basis, meaning there is no limit on the amount that can be saved.

Under the program, customers who spend a minimum qualifying amount in one transaction at a participating retailer are given a beepp card valued at $1. Collected beepp cards can then be presented at a participating fuel outlet, before the expiry date, for a discount on fuel to the value of the cards presented.

John Wyke, Director of EPP, the company distributing the program, says cents per litre discount is deceiving to the average Australian consumer.

“If an average fuel fill is 40 litres and you get a four cent rebate per litre, that equates to only a $1.60 saving on each fill. A beepp card is worth $1 and is like instant cash. By shopping at participating retailers, you could walk out with five, ten, fifteen cards or even enough for a free tank of fuel,” Wyke said.
“Many smaller family run businesses have suffered from the larger food chains squeezing them out of the market. The great thing about our program is that it gives local community businesses an opportunity to compete with the Coles and Woolworths retail network by rewarding customers for their loyalty,” he said.
Mr Wyke says beepp has established itself in most states of Australia, with plans to extend its distribution throughout all metropolitan and major regional centres.

John Wyke is available for interview.

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