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MEDIA RELEASE 6 September 2006

Fairfield resident sees the light on saving energy
Fairfield resident Mauricio Marambio has taken up an initiative to save money and help the environment by participating in carbon credit trading.

Mauricio Marambio, Fairfield Heights resident, has installed an Easy Being Green Climate Saver Pack which contains six energy saving light globes and one AAA rated water saving showerhead (for electric hot water users).

Carbon credit trading allows energy companies to meet mandatory emissions targets by purchasing credits through accredited groups such as Easy Being Green.

By installing the packs, a record number of Fairfield householders are saving $150 off both their annual electricity and water bill and saves one tonne of greenhouse gas pollution from entering earth’s atmosphere. Pack recipients also save an average of 21,000 litres of water each year.

Mauricio first heard about Easy Being Green when he visited his local shopping centre in August.

“I found Easy Being Green’s initiative to distribute Climate Saver Packs very interesting, especially now that more and more people are getting concerned about the environment,” Mauricio said.

“The Easy Being Green team explained that I could save energy and money by installing the pack at home and the whole pack - six light globes and one showerhead - was free,” he said.

Fairfield residents are able to collect their Easy Being Green Climate Saver Pack free of charge at:

  • Cabramatta Mall from 4 - 8 September
  • Wetherill Park Stockland from 11 - 17 September
  • Neeta City Fairfield from 18 - 24 September
  • Bonnyrigg Plaza from 18 - 24 September

Mauricio said he was impressed with the pack after installing it.

“It was easy to install. The light globes are brighter than regular ones and the pressure of the water saving showerhead is as good. All these help save energy and water. It’s great! We’re very happy with the pack,” Mauricio said.

“If every household installs the Easy Being Green light globes and showerhead, it will have an important impact on the environment. It will be much better for us all,” he said.

Mauricio said he’s always looking for ideas that will help him become more eco-friendly.

“At home, we do the usual recycling of paper, plastic, glass, etc. We also recycle the water from the washing machine to water the plants,” he said.

“I’m always interested in opportunities that will help me save the environment and if I can save money as well, it’s fantastic! I would like to see more products on the market which are eco-friendly,” Mauricio said.

Easy Being Green is also offering residents the chance to sign up to Green Power, which provides electricity from renewable energy sources, rather than coal-fired power plants.

Easy Being Green, in partnership with leading integrated energy business and Green Power retailer, TRUenergy, is helping householders double their options to tackle climate change. When signing up to receive a Climate Saver Pack, recipients can opt to receive further information about TRUenergy’s government accredited green energy products, including TRUenergy Wind - a 100 percent wind power energy plan.

Easy Being Green is currently looking for passionate campaigners across NSW to join their team. Please call 1 800 450 123 or email

To collect your Climate Saver Pack free of charge and receive more information on Green Power, visit the Easy Being Green stall at Cabramatta Mall, Wetherill Park Stockland, Neeta City Fairfield and Bonnyrigg Plaza or go to the website at

Released for Easy Being Green by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For further information please call Fiona Pennington or
Kim Larochelle on 02 9413 4244.

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