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MEDIA RELEASE 6 September 2006

Local residents help Aussie companies save big
Two Penrith businessmen are helping medium-sized companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by joining together to obtain better prices and service from suppliers.

Local residents Mick Pearsall and Leigh Roden joined Supply Clusters of Australia (SCA), the company behind the concept, as NSW Associates in 1999 and 2002. They help NSW businesses reduce their costs by leveraging their buying power and create networking opportunities for them.

Leigh left a career as a General Manager of a multinational global organisation.

“I wanted a change in career path and lifestyle. I knew Supply Clusters and believed in the process and results that could be achieved through the company. I’ve had over 30 years of experience in logistics and procurement, which is a great benefit for Supply Clusters,” Leigh said.

Mick also came from a procurement background and left a role as Supply Manager for a large multinational manufacturer in Western Sydney.

“With Supply Clusters, I had the opportunity to challenge myself by running my own business. I’ve always been confident and a believer in the concept behind Supply Clusters,” Mick said.

Supply Clusters negotiates deals for its 150 Australian corporate members with about 75 suppliers covering categories such as stationery, transport, electricity, couriers, human resources, travel and accommodation, etc. In 2005, SCA members made $93 million in purchases from their preferred suppliers.

Leigh said that Supply Clusters offers companies greater buying power by bringing members together.

“Members pay a flat yearly fee to join the Cluster and then deal directly with SCA’s preferred suppliers. Everyone gets the same discount, small and large companies alike. Most of our members say Supply Clusters has saved them five times their membership,” Leigh said.

“We concentrate on a company’s expense and consumable items, the non-core products of a business that costs lots of time to investigate and buy,” he said.

Mick considers the benefits of being a Supply Clusters member as being much more than just financial.

“Members’ savings are not only financial, but intangible, as they stay up-to-date about new processes and ideas. We are a networking and knowledge community driven by the enthusiasm, trust and the will of our members to share experience and learning,” Mick said.

One of Supply Clusters’ members, Ms Vicki Davidson, purchasing officer of industrial textile maker Albany International, said her company has saved over $100,000 every year since it joined Supply Clusters in 2003 - a 10 fold ROI.

“There are obvious financial and time-saving benefits of joining Supply Clusters. Our savings grow every year as we make sure that other divisions from the company are aware of the deals we can get with preferred suppliers all around Australia,” she said.

“Another major benefit of Supply Clusters is the opportunity to participate in networking events. Members exchange regular emails and we have monthly mini conferences to discuss experiences, purchasing practices and a wide range of business issues and opportunities. We can talk about problems other companies may have overcome in the past and find quick solutions together,” Vicki said.

For more information on Supply Clusters, visit  or call Mick on 0414 374 120 or Leigh on 0419 102 804.

Photo caption: from left to right, Local residents Mick Pearsall and Leigh Roden, helping Aussie companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Released for Supply Clusters of Australia by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For more information contact Kim Larochelle on (02) 9413 4244.

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