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MEDIA RELEASE 6 October 2006

EESTech and Chinese City of Fuxin plan to build power plant
Renewable energy and water purification specialist EESTech, Inc., (EESH.OB) has signed a letter of intent with Liaoning Fuxin Coal Group and the Fuxin City Government, Liaoning Province, China to build a 30 megawatt power plant.

EESTech, Inc. is a network member of the Methane to Market initiative, a United States Environmental Protection Agency sponsored organization.

The intention of Fuxin City and EESTech is to use the Australian developed HCGT technology to mitigate waste coal and methane in the production of electricity. The project is supported by the National Reform and Development Commission of China.

When negotiations are completed EESTech, Inc. plans to build a HCGT power plant and sell the electricity to the Liaoning Fuxin Coal Group through a twenty year power purchase agreement. This agreement is expected to generate an estimated income of over $200 USD million for the contract period.

ComEnergy Pty Ltd, an Australian Government Research Agency and Industry partnership company, developed the Hybrid Coal and Gas Turbine (HCGT) and has assigned EESTech the marketing rights to establish the required 30 megawatt power generating capacity using the HCGT technology.

HCGT technology will significantly reduce the environmental impacts of coal mining by lowering fugitive methane emissions from underground mines, reducing acid run-off and gaseous emissions from waste coal stockpiles. At the same time it will deliver potentially significant savings on power and waste coal management costs.

The US and Australian Federal Governments have signed a “Climate Action Partnership” agreement with 18 member countries including China. Under this agreement, the HCGT technology has been identified as one of seven technologies that the partnership will collaborate to ensure the rapid uptake of this technology into the market place.

The HCGT process involves burning gas, waste coal or biomass in a rotating kiln to produce hot exhaust gases which in turn pass through a specially adapted heat exchanger to produce steam which spins the turbine to produce electricity.
HCGT technology can use low quality energy sources, high sulphur and high ash content coal, tailings, lignite, biomass or municipal waste as its fuel to generate power and turn what is currently regarded as waste into electricity.

The third conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Global Change concluded that methane gas is one of the target greenhouse gases.

An outstanding asset of the HCGT technology is its ability to convert coal mine methane into carbon dioxide and earn Green House Gas Abatement Credits, an additional income source.

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