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MEDIA RELEASE 6 October 2006

Dot Dawson turns 100 on 12 October
Radio veteran Dot Dawson, the wife of country music legend Smokey turns 100 on 12 October.

Smokey & Dot present Australian Country Music Showcase on the popular North Shore community radio station FM 99.3 every Monday at 12 midday.

The station has declared Thursday 12 October as ‘Dot Dawson Day’ and during the day the station will broadcast excerpts of her programs and interviews.

Smokey & Dot met in 1939, have no children and live on the North Shore. Smokey was 93 in March this year.

For thirty years their Smokey Dawson’s Ranch, on 26 acres at Ingleside became a popular second home for many local children, where parents could drop them off and Smokey & Dot would teach them some of the good values of life.

Born Florence Cheers in Echuca Victoria in 1906, Dot Dawson had a very successful career in broadcasting in the 30’s and 40’s before she met Smokey at an amateur radio station in Melbourne.

Their Country Music Showcase commenced on FM 99.3 when the station started broadcasting in May 1983 and has continued without interruption since that time. This means that they have presented in excess of 1,200 programs continuously, which must be a world record.

The program comprises of popular country music from some of the greats of the genre, including Smokey himself, as well as extracts from the radio serial, which starred Smokey and was broadcast for many years. However, in recent years increasing ill-health has kept Dot away from the microphone.

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