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Improve your energy efficiency by installing a ceiling fan
A little know fact about the humble ceiling fan is that run in conjunction with energy hungry air-conditioning it can considerably reduce energy use - saving carbon emissions and money.

Air-conditioning particularly in the extreme climates of Australia definitely has a role in both cooling and heating, but its effectiveness and efficiency can be significantly enhanced when used with properly designed ceiling fans that are matched to room size and context.

According to Hunter Pacific's Managing Director Philip Allen, ceiling fans offer the best value for money and a low carbon footprint when it comes to assisted circulation of air in and around a room.

"Ceiling fans act to de-stratify the air in a room and break up hot and cold pockets of air that form in corners and along ceilings and floors. As a result, air-conditioner thermostats can be set at a level requiring less cooling or heating so less energy is used.

"Ceiling fans are invaluable in winter also. When combined with heating, they keep the warm air circulating throughout the room rather than accumulating on the ceiling, resulting in lower energy consumption.

"Hunter Pacific ceiling fans are engineered and tested to achieve optimum circulation. They are a sustainable solution that will keep electricity costs down and also assist in raising the body's tolerance threshold for high temperatures by about three degrees," said Mr Allen.

"We undertook a customer survey recently and 32 per cent of our customers told us that energy efficiency was the most important factor when choosing a ceiling fan.

"With sustainable living now becoming a fundamental element of good design, sustainable solutions such as ceiling fans are being integrated to achieve a high level of energy efficiency and sustainability without compromising on those creature comforts we take for granted. Fans tick all the boxes," he added.

Hunter Pacific International is a leading Australian-owned designer and worldwide distributor of ceiling and exhaust fans and accessories in both residential and commercial environments.

For more information on Hunter Pacific and its products, visit or call (02) 9658 1958.

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