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MEDIA RELEASE 7 March 2006

Breakthrough in grey water treatment technology can save 62 million litres of water around Australia each day
A new Australian-designed system can exclusively treat household grey water without the need for intrusive excavation.

Using the system, called Aqua Reviva, grey water from the bathroom and laundry can be treated and recycled to health regulations standards so that it can be re-used in washing machines, toilets, as well as for use in the garden and for washing the car.

Treated water can be stored for an unlimited period of time, unlike diversion systems where the water must be used within 24 hours. The system generates water that is Class A standard and also removes other harmful nutrients.

With demand for water in Australia outstripping supply at an alarming rate, and reservoir levels at an all time low, the system has the potential to save an average home 500 litres of water per day. This, applied to the 125,000 new homes built around Australia this year, saves 62 million litres of water per day or the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool stretching from Melbourne to Darwin. This also entails a huge energy saving by reducing the need for sewerage processing.

The system uses a naturally occurring biological process supported by a light bromine disinfection stage. The system is fail-safe as it incorporates automatic overflows to sewer.

Andrew Pearce, CEO of New Water, the suppliers of Aqua Reviva, said the system is approved in Victoria, NSW and the ACT with applications underway in QLD and WA.

“Homeowners need to think seriously about how water recycling can make a real difference,” Mr Pearce said.

“We believe Aqua Reviva is the best and most environmentally friendly form of grey water treatment. The system can be installed in both new and existing homes and is unobtrusive and aesthetically appealing. It enables householders to re-use their treated grey water to the full extent allowed by law,” he said.

“The system is completely safe as it is self contained, involves no maintenance or adjustment from the householder and should anything not work exactly as planned then it automatically diverts all water to sewer without any personal intervention.

“In addition to the above, New Water's manufacturing process has been quality Certified by Benchmark and thus you can be sure that the system is manufactured to a consistent standard of high quality,” he said.

“The Aqua Reviva system only uses a 12 volt power source that can be operated using solar power if desired. The installation is not intrusive, so there is no requirement to dig large holes in a back garden because the system has the option to be fitted under a house or deck.”

New Water is a water specialist company that provides water management solutions throughout Australia.

Information at or 1300 552 695.

Released for New Water by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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