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MEDIA RELEASE 07 June 2011

Amber Lawrence sings Ssangyong's praise
Amber Lawrence is a well known name on the country music circuit. And that means this popular, young songstress is always busy, driving everywhere, talking a lot, drinking coffee... a lot, constantly listening to music, and carting around all the bits and pieces she needs for performances and public appearances.

Amber is not your typical diva, but she does take style seriously. She also takes safety seriously and is conscious of her car's impact on the environment, as well as her wallet. With all this in mind, here's what she had to say about her new travel companion, the Korando.

"My Korando feels really sturdy and safe to drive, which is comforting on the longer cross country trips I make. In saying that, it's also really zippy, for lack of a more car-talk term. When I'm weaving through the inner city, it's quick off the lights and easy to accelerate swiftly if I need to.

"I love that the seats fold completely flat in the back. It's excellent for travelling especially as a musician who has to transport lots of large items and bits and pieces, but it would also be great for girls that ride bikes, or go camping or have a pram to consider.

"My wallet also loves the Korando. The diesel engine makes it incredibly economical and definitely better value than my previous car, so I'm saving money which is always good.

"But let's be honest. My favourite things about the car, is having all the controls on the steering wheel, including the control for the Bluetooth... which frankly, rocks! And there're plenty of cup holders and little compartments to store stuff. All in all, it's perfect for a girl like me," said Amber.

The Korando is Ssangyong's first all-new model in more than three years and this stylish and contemporary SUV is set to redefine the Ssangyong brand. In line with the revitalised Ssangyong brand, Amber was appointed as the ambassador for the new Korando. Amber has been bonding with her new car for the past few months and making appearance throughout the Korando launch campaign.

For more information on Ssangyong, visit or call 1800 769 637.

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