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PrefSure announces new distribution strategy
Risk insurance specialist, PrefSure Life, is today announcing significant changes to its retail distribution strategy, with the insurer selecting a niche group of advisors to write business with.

The change will mean that PrefSure will be working closely with a group of about 45 advisors, compared to the 1,500 advisors that it currently deals with. The insurer will also continue to focus on servicing master trust platforms.

Geoff Black, Managing Director of PrefSure Life, says the change is a natural step for a risk specialist that is looking to establish a genuine competitive advantage in a very competitive market.

“We are looking for a niche in the market so that we can be a true specialist and tailor our service and our products to a core group of advisors,” said Black.

“PrefSure is recognising that there is a demand for an insurer that specifically deals with advisors who are not part of professional distribution groups – this will be our new niche.

“PrefSure’s new strategy will make our product highly exclusive, however other advisor groups will still be able to access our products through master trusts, because we are certainly continuing our focus in that area.

“The new advisor base will benefit from their exclusive access to our award winning products, which will be supported by a tailored service and a close relationship,” said Black.

Geoff Black says that the implementation of Financial Services Reform has changed the distribution landscape and provided PrefSure with the opportunity to review the way in which it markets its products.

“We would also like to stress that this is a new business approach and all existing policies will continue to be serviced throughout the life of the policy,” said Black.

PrefSure Life acquired Lumley Life earlier this year with the combined businesses creating one of Australia’s largest specialist life risk insurance groups with assets of more than $200 million and 100,000 policy holders.

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