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MEDIA RELEASE 7 September 2006

New direct warehouse shopping mall for BBX (PRICED2CLEAR)
Businesses and business owners can now purchase stock straight from Priced2Clear, a distribution warehouse in Brookvale NSW or online at

ASX-listed Barter trading company, BBX, have established the warehouse and Internet trading site where customers can purchase their goods online using cash or BBX trade dollars.

Priced2Clear Manager Simon Macdonald said that the display warehouse, which contains over 2 million dollars worth of stock, aims to facilitate a centralised shopping mall, which allows BBX members as well as non-members to simply log online and purchase products, regardless of where they are located.

“What makes this so unique is that buyers can see, touch and feel their desired purchases at the distribution warehouse, which include items such as office furniture, clothing, jewellery, baby and nursery items and even a giftware section”, said Mr Macdonald.

Priced2Clear warehouse and are also available to the cash paying public. Non-BBX members can pay via credit card, while BBX members can pay with BBX trade dollars using their interest-free BBX card.

Customers are able to order their stock online and shipment can be organised by the buyer or Priced2Clear at low cost.

Macdonald said that the opening of BBX in China and India would allow Priced2Clear access to inventories previously not available and enables the cloning of the Proiced2Clear warehouse concept in those countries.

Priced2Clear distribution warehouse is located at 724 Pittwater Road, Brookvale, NSW.

BBX is a barter trade exchange that allows members to barter goods and services without using cash or credit but rather using trade dollars to assign the value to the transactions that take place between members of the exchange.

Barter is a powerful tool to not only purchase goods and services, but also to build strong business networks and provide unlimited opportunities for business growth. .

BBX members transacted $146 million in trade for the 2006 financial year and the company is a major player in the global barter industry.

BBX now has approximately 7,500 Australian, New Zealand and Indian member businesses, with offices and/or franchises situated in all mainland States of Australia and the North and South islands of New Zealand, as well as 10 Regional offices in India.

BBX can be contacted on 1800 222 229. The website is

Released for BBX by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For further information please call Fiona Pennington or Chantelle Farah on (02) 9413 4244.

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