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MEDIA RELEASE 7 September 2006

Better looking Rheem solar water heater launched
Solar hot water just got a lot better looking with the introduction of the Rheem Premier Loline Solar Water Heater that has discrete solar collectors (panels) that go on the roof while the tank can be tucked away at ground level.

The Rheem Premier Loline was designed specifically for use in environments prone to frost, and with most water qualities. The water is heated by a heat exchange fluid that passes through the solar collectors to capture the sunís energy. When heating is complete, or during periods of frost, the fluid drains back into the tank providing total frost protection down to -17įC.

This new system is not only environmentally friendly but it meets the stringent regulations for new homes in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. These new building regulations have recently been introduced with the intention of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions new homes produce.

For additional durability, the Premier Loline has a vitreous enamel-lined tank which can withstand all water conditions found in Australia.

With the majority of plumbing completed in the factory, the Rheem Premier Loline reduces a lot of on-site plumbing work normally associated with solar water system installations. This ensures installation time is reduced, and aesthetics are improved with much of the plumbing neatly concealed.

To make sure you donít run out of hot water even on cloudy days, the Rheem Premier Loline is available in a gas-boosted or electric-boosted model. When the solar collectors do not receive enough sunlight, the boosting kicks in.

The cylinder, collectors and gas booster heat exchanger have a five year warranty, while the labour on cylinders has three years and the parts and labour one year.

Rheem Premier Loline is available in a 270 litre model with integrated or remote five star instantaneous in-line gas boosting or an electric booster option. It is available from most plumbing supply merchants. Call Rheem Australia on 132 552 for more information or visit

Released for Rheem Australia by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For further information please call Nicola Rutzou or Fiona Pennington on 02 9413 4244.

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