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MEDIA RELEASE 7 October 2005

Millions of litres of water saved by waterless car washing
To date over 9.9 million litres of water have been saved by Ecowash Mobile, the innovative and mobile waterless car washing and detailing company. Using a unique biodegradable 2-in-1 wash and polish, Ecowash successfully removes dirt from cars without water and without a scratch.

With Australia’s drought reaching critical peak, and the introduction of hefty fines in some States for those who breach water restrictions, Australians are now turning to alternative and environmentally friendly means to keeping their car clean.

Ecowash Mobile has 18 franchises throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the ACT with 22 mobile units on the road and currently washes over 220 cars per day. This equates to a saving of approximately 290,400 litres of water in a six day week, according to Sydney Water who claims that washing one car using a hose uses 220 litres of water per wash.

At the current rate, Ecowash Mobile are on track to save 15 million litres of water this year, compared to regular hose washing a car.

Jim Cornish and Stewart Nicholls, Directors of Ecowash Mobile, established the mobile car detailing business in March 2004.

“We started Ecowash Mobile because in the current Australian environment we saw a market for car cleaning without using water. In addition, our approach actually gets a better result than washing a car with water,” Jim Cornish said.

“Ecowash Mobile products take car washing to the next level because we don’t use water and all our cleaning products are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

“Water-based car washing is also fast becoming a serious concern in the current Australian drought conditions with water authorities in most states banning car washing using a hose, as well as restricting car dealers’ car washing operations,” he said.

An Ecowash uses an exclusive product range that includes a polymer compound. The compound is sprayed onto the car exterior and encapsulates surface dirt that is then removed with a soft cloth, leaving behind a protective coating to guard against the elements and harmful effects of wear and tear.

The complete range of Ecowash mobile products enables a full detail inside and out as well as extras such as leather treatment, bumper renovation and scratch removal - all without water and without a scratch.

A variety of services are on offer, from a basic waterless wash and polish right through to a full detail called an Extreme Ecowash, to suit individual car owners, through to car dealers, smash repairers and corporate fleets.

For the latest information on how much water Ecowash Mobile have saved to the date, take a look at the water-saved meter on the Ecowash Mobile website at For an Ecowash, call 1300 851 016 and they will come to you.

Released for Ecowash Mobile by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
For further information please call Fiona Pennington or Marie Tritsaris on 02 9413 4244.

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