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MEDIA RELEASE 08 April 2009

EESTech signs USD$60 million Indian energy generation agreement
EESTech, Inc. (EESH.PK) has signed a joint venture agreement with Aryan Clean Coal Technologies of India, to install three 10-mega watt Hybrid Coal Gas Technology systems over the next five years, valued at more than USD$60 million.

The Aryan Group of India is a privately owned company which started in 1980 and has an annual turnover of more than USD$130 million. EESTech (which stands for Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Technologies) owns or holds the rights to three important environmentally sustainable technologies relating to the water, coal mining and energy industries.

EESTech's Hybrid Coal Gas Technology (HCGT) is a waste-to-energy system that uses waste coal and ventilated air methane from underground coalmines to produce energy. By using the methane, which is 21 times more damaging to the environment as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, HCGT can generate over 250,000 tons of carbon credits per year.

The electricity generated by the three 10-mega watt HCGT systems, which are planned to be installed over a five-year period, will be sold to the coalmine companies by way of twenty-year power purchase contracts with any surplus being distributed onto the national grid.

Aryan Group and its associated companies are acknowledged as India's leading mining contractor. The group has business interests in a number of power generation facilities, coal mining, coal washeries, manufacturing of coal washery equipment, manufacturing of sponge iron and steel, logistics services and related engineering services.

The group was responsible for introducing an eco-friendly method of mining to the Indian coal industry, which is now being used at a number of coalmine sites across the country.

The joint venture with EESTech is in keeping with the group's philosophy of adopting technologies that promote environmental sustainability to the mining and energy industries.

"Both parties recognise the commercial synergies and areas of mutual collaboration that exist and have formed the joint venture to introduce EESTech's Hybrid Coalmine Gas Technology (HCGT) to the mining and power generation industries of India," said EESTech CEO Murray Bailey.

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