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MEDIA RELEASE 08 April 2010

Retail software solution solves pricing and ticketing issues for The Warehouse
Provider of marketing at retail solutions Propel Interactive has recently implemented its Episys Retail Enterprise Suite for The Warehouse stores in New Zealand.

Retail Enterprise Suite is a retail software solution developed by UK company Episys that ensures pricing and ticketing consistency in retail environments. Propel Interactive is the exclusive channel partner in Australia and New Zealand.

The deployment of Epysis will enable The Warehouse to increase sales, deliver significant efficiencies around the signage process both at support office and in the stores and improve compliance with trading standards regulations. As part of the initial engagement, Propel Interactive carried out a retail efficiency survey, which evaluated The Warehouse's signage process from both the support office and store perspective, on which Propel's recommendations were based.

Ian Morrice, CEO at The Warehouse, said, "It is very important to us that our customers understand the offers we are presenting, as we know that customers who are confused by what's on offer, are less likely to buy. Our own research has shown that we needed to make improvements in this area both in terms of operational efficiency and the clarity of our message. In retailing there must be a bond of trust between what is shown on the shelf edge and what the customer pays at the till. Retail Enterprise Suite is helping us build this bond as well as providing richer information to help our customers make informed decisions."

According to Propel Interactive Episys Business Development Manager Matthew Green, there are a lot of signage inconsistency issues in New Zealand retail outlets.

"Most retailers have a number of systems that are not fully integrated which leads to major inconsistencies with their POS system, ticketing, catalogue and website pricing, leading to confusion for customers and time consuming work for staff," Mr Green said.

"It is a serious problem because retailers can be fined for these types of compliance issues. It also costs them money because when there are inaccuracies between shelf and scanned prices, they have to offer the product at the lower price or in some cases for free.

"Retail Enterprise Suite accesses the information in a retailer's POS system and other places where pricing information is stored like Excel or Word files. It finds the data and makes sure it's consistent. This ensures that when a product is scanned at checkout it is the same as the price on the shelf and the same price is also on the website," he added.

Propel Interactive also has a web-based version of Episys for the production of in-store ticketing. It contains templates for signage and is ideal for franchise operations where they want a consistent uniform look and feel but don't have complete control over the store operations. Users only pay for signs that are actually printed.

Propel Interactive is part of the SPOS group of companies. It focuses on interactive displays that utilise the latest retail technology products to drive consumer decisions at point-of-sale. By leveraging state of the art technology, Propel helps achieve consistent communication across a range of platforms that include printed and digital signage, electronic ticketing and self-service kiosks.
SPOS is a leading provider of point-of-purchase solutions in Australia and New Zealand that are designed to enhance the overall appearance of the products and ultimately stimulate sales.

More information about Propel is available by calling SPOS 09 828 4877 or email

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