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MEDIA RELEASE 8 August 2006

Mechanics change their job and their title
The exhibition of the photographs taken during the recent Peking to Paris re-enactment is on display (until the end of September) at Morrisons Mercedes-Benz, 742-748 Pacific Highway, Chatswood.

In looking at the cars that made that journey in the early 1900s, the job for mechanics was a much more hands-on process than today. In fact, their role was much closer to that of a blacksmith or coach builder.

It is a truism to say that the motoring industry today is increasingly complex, shifting from manual tasks to high technology and computers.

In fact, at Morrisons Parts and Service in Hornsby, there are no mechanics as the job function is described as technician, which is a title that more accurately describes the role they perform.

Peter Gottschling has been working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles for over 20 years and specialises in repairs of the earlier models.

“In 1912, when the Peking to Paris expedition was held, fixing and maintaining the race cars would’ve been a laborious task. I can’t imagine the challenges the mechanics were faced with,” he said.

“It is very labour intensive to work on older cars as I have to do a lot of manual adjustments. They also require maintenance more often than newer models do,” Peter said.

Rob Tadich works on newer models as Parts Manager at Morrisons Hornsby and he said he still learns new things every year even though he has been with Mercedes-Benz for seven years.

“All staff at Morrisons Hornsby participate in up to a dozen training seminars on cars and computer systems every year, offered by Mercedes-Benz. We also attend extra-curricular training days on topics such as sales and management,” Rob said.

“We have to keep our skills and knowledge up to scratch to make sure we provide our customers with personalised service.

“It’s a challenge to repair cars today with all the technology. Our diagnostic equipment and repair tools are upgraded on a regular basis and every car is so different that we have to make sure we use the right parts,” he said.

Morrisons Mercedes-Benz Parts and Service has been in Hornsby for over 18 years and is located at 65 Jersey Street. It supplies only genuine Mercedes-Benz spare parts for safety reasons and to help maintain the vehicle in as close to new condition as possible, to maintain high resale value.

Morrisons Hornsby offers a range of additional services such as loan cars, free pick-up and delivery, after hour roadside assistance through worldcare as well as pick-up and drop off of clients.

The ‘Peking to Paris’ photographic exhibition is on display at Morrisons Mercedes-Benz, 742-748 Pacific Highway, Chatswood from 4 August to 1 October. The exhibition is open to the community free of charge from 7:30am-6pm on week days and 10am-5pm on weekends.

For more information about Morrisons Mercedes-Benz Parts and Service in Hornsby or to book a service, call 02 9476 2711 or visit

Released for Morrison Motors by Dennis Rutzou Public Relations.
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