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MEDIA RELEASE 08 September 2010

Retirement community leads the way with Queensland's water sustainability
RSL Care's Sunset Ridge Retirement Community in Zilzie near Rockhampton is leading the way in securing a sustainable environment for its residents by installing one of the first Aquacell greywater treatment plants in Queensland.

The Retirement Community contracted water recycling company Aquacell to design, install and maintain a greywater treatment plant which was completed in early January 2010. It has since successfully recycled about one million litres of water discharged from the Community's showers, baths and basins. The treated water is being re-used in all toilets and washing machines on site.

Philip Boydell, RSL Care's project manager for Sunset Ridge Retirement Community, said the Aquacell greywater treatment plant was chosen because it provided an environmentally-friendly, long-term solution to the recycling of greywater whilst meeting Council requirements.

"We were looking for a long-term environmentally-friendly solution that would ensure an adequate water supply for our residents into the future. Aquacell was recommended to us by one of our consultants and we are very happy with the way the plant is operating," said Phillip.

"We have not received any negative feedback from residents as the plant is operating as it should and the water quality has remained the same since installing the plant. The plant is not producing any odours or noise which would draw attention and even though it faces the salt flats and town, we have been able to screen most of it with landscaping.

"The service from Aquacell has been effective and efficient. We did experience some initial technical difficulties, however these were resolved by Aquacell in a timely manner.

"The use of greywater and blackwater should be encouraged as Australia is a very dry continent and to ensure abundant supplies of water, recycling is a necessity for the future," he added.

Located approximately 48 km east of Rockhampton, this $45 million development is master-planned to include 100 independent living villas, resort style facilities and a 120-bed residential aged care complex accommodating low, high and secure dementia care.

The RSL Care was able to receive one of the first commercial-sized greywater plants operational in Queensland due to a new Queensland Government approval process.

Aquacell, which builds and operates water recycling plants around Australia for business, industry and government, received earlier this year Chief Executive approval from the Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning to build and operate greywater recycling plants for commercial and government projects in Queensland. It means that Aquacell's greywater recycling plants are pre-approved for commercial projects throughout the state. This is a cost-effective way to fulfil the Queensland Development Code requirement to use alternative water sources to conserve precious drinking water.

Aquacell's focus is on non-potable (non-drinking) water for use in a variety of applications including surface irrigation, clothes washing and toilets. Aquacell's plants recycle greywater which is water discharged from showers, baths, basins and washing machines; and blackwater which is any water that has been contaminated with water discharged from a toilet.

For more information about Aquacell, visit or phone 1300 Aquacell (278 223).

For more information about Sunset Ridge Retirement Community, please call 1800 669 146 or visit

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