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MEDIA RELEASE 09 September 2008

EESTECH CCS project developments strengthened by HTC, Doosan Babcock Agreement
EESTECH (EESH.OB) with facilities in Queensland, Australia is set to benefit from the strategic Licensing Agreement recently signed between HTC Canada, Doosan Babcock Energy, UK and Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction of South Korea.

This agreement will further advance HTC as a world leader in the development and deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies, increasing the project development capabilities and opportunities for EESTECH.

Doosan Babcock will gain access to this world leading CCS technology developed by HTC and the University of Regina, together they will jointly advance the large-scale integration of CO2 Capture with existing, new coal and gas fired power plants.

EESTECH owns the Australian developed Hybrid Coalmine Gas Technology (HCGT), which can be integrated with HTC's 'CCS' technology. A standard EESTECH HCGT project utilises waste coal and methane to produce cost effective clean coal energy, significantly reducing the cost of carbon capture and as a result of the waste to energy process, generates up to 1 million tons of carbon abatement credits per year.

"This agreement is seen as a significant milestone for EESTECH, bringing both the world's best CCS technologies from HTC and the engineering/ construction capabilities of Doosan Babcock, to further enable EESTECH's development of CCS and HCGT projects, said Mr Murray Bailey, CEO of EESTECH.

HTC is recognised as a global leader in CO2 capture storage technologies. HTC's commercial products include the world's first pre-engineered, modular, OEM carbon capture system known as the 'Purenergy CCS Series'. HTC in collaboration with the University of Regina and Doosan Babcock Energy, are now integrating their capabilities and technologies to advance the development of next generation cost effective carbon capture capable power plants.

Doosan Babcock Energy and Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction together are one of the world's largest power plant equipment supplies and power plant constructors.

Doosan Babcock designs, supplies and constructs advanced steam generation technology for the power industry and also develops some of the cleanest, most efficient coal-powered plants in the world. Doosan Babcock is a leading energy services company operating in the thermal power, nuclear, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Through innovation Doosan Babcock supports and enhances the service life of energy assets around the world.

With global headquarters in the UK, Doosan Babcock employs around 5,000 personnel. Doosan Babcock is a wholly owned subsidiary of Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction, which is a part of the Korean based conglomerate Doosan Group.

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