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MEDIA RELEASE 09 September 2009

Coming to Regional Victoria for the first time: International Mouth and Foot Painting Artist exhibition to be held in Geelong
For the first time in regional Victoria, the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) will be holding an art exhibition at The Shearer's Arms Gallery, West Geelong with over 140 artworks from Australian and international MFPA artists on display.

The MFPA exhibition will be held from Monday, 14 September to Sunday, 27 September 2009 at The Shearer's Arms Gallery, The Geelong Art Society, 202 Aberdeen St, West Geelong.

Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) is an international self-help organisation which gives people with disabilities the opportunity to fulfil their creative ambitions while still maintaining financial independence.

Painting with a brush held in their mouth or foot, the artists have risen above adversity to produce artwork of a standard to rival any able bodied artist.

Several Victorian MFPA artists including Warrnambool's Simon Rigg, East Keilor's Bill Mooney, Elmore's Kate Frawley, and Linton's Pam Farey will have a selection of their works proudly on display throughout the exhibition.

For artist Simon Rigg, the upcoming exhibition is a proud moment for all the artists.

"It is a privilege to be holding a major international MFPA exhibition here in Victoria", said Simon.

In 1982, Simon fell from a roof ten feet above the ground while working at repairing and shed roof on his own property.

"The accident left me a quadriplegic and confined to a wheelchair", said Simon.

However after many years battling adversity, Simon has now found fulfilment through his art and the art associations he has been a part of. Simon has been an active student artist of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) since 1989.

"I have learnt through my art and my association with the MFPA that the more you put into life, the more you get from it", said Simon.

The Shearer's Arms Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 5 pm. Admission to the MFPA exhibition is free.

The MFPA was established in Australia in 1971 and currently has 17 members around the country.

To become a student member an artist must qualify by painting using a brush held in either their mouth or foot, having lost the use of their hands through an illness or accident. Student members receive scholarships for art supplies and tuition. Once an artist becomes a full member or associate they are guaranteed a salary for life, even if they are unable to continue painting.

For further information on the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists contact MFPA on (02) 9698 3933 or visit

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For further information please call Gemma Crowley or Nicola Rutzou on (02) 9413 4244.

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