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MEDIA RELEASE 10 January 2005


No-mow, no-water synthetic lawns pass the pet-friendly test in homes around Australia
Synthetic lawns that don’t require any watering or mowing and need very little maintenance are being installed around Australia, with pets and their owners both enjoying the benefits of a hassle-free yard.

The Pro-tech synthetic lawns look like real grass, but are actually based on a unique European concept which uses the process of ‘fibrillation’ to split the fibres and give the lawn the grass-like look and feel.

The lawn is installed over a porous crushed-rock base, which is compacted to form a flat surface which easily drains in wet weather or if the lawn is hosed off.

The lawn itself is then laid over the top and filled with a mix of rubber granules and sand, which help make it soft to walk and sit on and perfect for pets and children to play on.

Once installed, the lawn will last for at least ten years and, depending on the area, costs less than a good quality paving installation.

Betty Rooney of Liberty Grove in NSW, who is a keen gardener and the owner of two Maltese Terriers, was the first of many pet-owners to install the lawn in her backyard.

“I’ve got to say that I’m very happy with the results and I am so glad that I made the decision to install the lawn.

“The day after it was installed, my two dogs were playing around and napping on the lawn, which I was absolutely delighted with – I think it was even hard for them to pick it from real grass at first glance.

“It looks very real, is an excellent alternative to the usual urban stone you find in courtyard homes, is nice and soft to touch and walk on, and best of all, it is animal friendly.

“I am trying to convince all my neighbours to think about putting a Prot-tech lawn in their own yard because it will make the whole area look better,” said Betty.

Bill Rorke, Managing Director of Pro-tech, the company behind the synthetic lawns, said that synthetic lawns also offer huge water-saving benefits in these times of water restrictions.

“As well as cutting down on water use, and cutting out the hassle of mowing the lawn when it does grow, synthetic lawns are ideal for areas where grass is hard to grow, such as courtyards, high traffic areas, around swimming pools, or shaded or very small yards where a real lawn is impractical.

“We’ve also had a great response from clients with dogs and cats who have reported that their pets love the lawn, that it is easier and cleaner to deal with any droppings than it was with real grass, and that it has even stopped their pets from digging up the lawn,” says Bill.

Pro-tech also installs no-maintenance synthetic putting greens, with one recently installed in the front yard of Australian golf champion Peter O’Malley, who joins a host of international golfers to install the synthetic putting green, including Vijay Sing, Mark Calcavecchia, Sergio Garcia, Lee Janzen, Hale Irwin, David Toms and Chris DiMarco to mention a few.

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