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New software simplifies compliance process
The long and arduous compliance process has just been made effortless and paperless.

ComplySure is a new Australian made and tested compliance management software that enables users to track, manage and report regulatory approval conditions, site requirements and compliance obligations, without the confusing paperwork checklists.

Compliance management is traditionally a challenging and time consuming process within industries such as mining, manufacturing, water, landfills, chemical, construction, commercial building, food, oil and gas as well as government agencies.

Designed and produced by environmental consulting firm EnviroRisk Management, in association with Integrated Management Solutions IMS, ComplySure reduces the cost and time involved in compliance assurance programs.

The software streamlines compliance assessments and enables immediate, any time access as to how well a company is performing. Reports are standardised, detailed, automated and time efficient.

The software and the information can be accessed over the internet at any time by authorised people, so it makes the process more efficient especially for multiple site industries.

ComplySure is particularly suited to safety, health and environment professionals, risk managers, quality and facilities personnel and other specialists whose responsibility is to regularly monitor and report on compliance.

Benefits of ComplySure include:

  • Multi-site management information at the touch of a screen
  • Automated reminders to ensure you don't miss important renewal dates
  • All licence, permit and consent conditions are in the one place
  • A schedule of monthly compliance items warranting action
  • Reminders of tasks arising
  • Simple audit check-sheet with data capture and recovery
  • Automated reporting and action plans on non-conformances.

For more information on ComplySure, visit or call (03) 5282 3773.

About EnviroRisk Management

EnviroRisk Management offers tailored environmental management systems and a network of experienced consultants.

EnviroRisk's management solutions enable organisations to comply with laws, integrate sustainable practices, manage risks, avoid pollution and liabilities, control resource wastage, address local community issues and educate and involve their employees.

EnviroRisk's software tools such as ComplySure assist Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) managers better manage compliance requirements.

For more information on EnviroRisk and its services, visit or call (03) 5282 3773.

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