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Icing on the cake: Syndian celebrates 10 years with nationwide distribution through Coles
Syndian, a Sydney manufacturer of natural healthy meals, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with a bang: its products being made available in most Coles outlets throughout Australia.

Syndian was founded in August 2000 by husband and wife Saher and Amal Dermelkonian who were looking for a new venture to start and grow together. They were passionate about developing healthy and natural food products for the whole family which led them to develop their first product: falafels.

Since its humble beginnings, Syndian has grown by 30 to 40 per cent every year and today, the company employs 14 people. In addition to still producing its signature falafel, Syndian has expanded its range to include burgers, patties and bites, gourmet dips, pastas, ready meals and gourmet soups.

All of Syndian's products are gluten free and vegetarian with most being vegan and dairy free - though able to be enjoyed by everyone.

"Our products are not just for the family members with dietary requirements. We produce products that are healthy by bringing out the natural flavours of the products," said Saher Dermelkonian, co-founder of Syndian.

In the beginning, Syndian's intentions were not specifically to make gluten free products, but to simply produce meals which were made of fresh natural ingredients containing no artificial flavours, preservatives or additives.

"Very soon after our products went onto the market, a need for gluten free products was identified. Following a number of customer requests, we decided to make the shift to becoming a 100 per cent gluten free manufacturer. This was actually very easy as most of our products were unintentionally gluten free due to the lack of artificial flavours, preservatives and additives commonly used in other products. It is these additives that often contain gluten," said Saher.

Syndian's products being made available throughout Coles stores Australia wide was the icing on the cake for the company's 10-year anniversary celebrations.

"This was such a great achievement as it makes our products more accessible to those that are looking for a healthy and great tasting meal or snack all around Australia," he explained.

In addition to being available from most Coles outlets, Syndian products can also be found in health food stores, independent supermarkets, organic and wholefood stores as well as various fruit markets around the country.

You can visit the Syndian natural food products Facebook page or follow the company on Twitter @Syndian

For more information, visit or call 02 4577 7551.

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