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MEDIA RELEASE 10 March, 2005

New Major Sponsor for the Real Rabbitohs

New Major Sponsor for the Real Rabbitohs

Russell Crowe’s ‘Cinderella Man’ joins Real Insurance as major sponsor of the Rabbitohs

Russell Crowe’s ‘Cinderella Man’ joins Real Insurance as major sponsor of the Rabbitohs
The Rabbitohs and their major sponsor Real Insurance have negotiated a significant new deal, which will see the name of Russell Crowe’s upcoming movie ‘Cinderella Man’ on the front of the red and green jersey for a period of two months later in the season.

This is the first time a major Hollywood studio has ventured into a sporting sponsorship such as this and shows the level of support that the sport of Rugby League, and the Rabbitohs, is receiving on the world stage.

The Rabbitohs also believe they are the first sporting team in Australia, if not the world, in recent times to secure a secondary major sponsor for the front of their jersey.

The sponsorship deal will take place for eight weeks beginning in July 2005, and will promote Russell Crowe’s next blockbuster, with Real Insurance occupying a position on the back of the jersey during that time.

Real Insurance, who signed up as major sponsor of the Real Rabbitohs on 3 February 2005, made the deal possible by vacating its front jersey position for ‘Cinderella Man’ as a goodwill gesture towards the Rabbitohs, and the National Rugby League.

CEO of Real Rabbitohs, Shane Richardson said: “We are grateful for the Real Insurance’s generosity, allowing us to use their property for eight weeks, which means we can generate extra income for our business as well as promote Russell’s film, Cinderella Man.

“It is quite unique and special for a major sponsor of a sporting franchise to forgo their property for a period of time, in this manner, and we are delighted that Real Insurance has helped us on this one.

“We are also indebted to Russell, a life member of our Club, David Gallop and the NRL, and Buena Vista International for developing this new way of using the Rabbitohs as a way of promoting their film,” said Richardson.

Real Insurance CEO Roger Grobler said the company is delighted with the new arrangement.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the Rabbitohs and as partners we are obviously keen to see the football club move forward into a new era, and we’re also very excited to be involved with Russell Crowe’s Cinderella Man. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us as we launch our new brand,” said Grobler.

Managing Director and Vice President of Buena Vista International (Australia and New Zealand), Alan Finney, is overjoyed to be promoting Russell Crowe’s next film with the Rabbitohs.

“BVI (Australia) is delighted that Russell has given us the opportunity for the Real Rabbitohs to play a key role in creating awareness for CINDERELLA MAN, a film that tells a powerful and very emotional story of one of the most famous boxers from the Great Depression who not only was able to feed his family with his boxing success, but eventually earned a match for the heavyweight championship of the world.”

National Rugby League CEO David Gallop says this sponsorship deal is another sign that Rugby League is developing a strong profile in international business sectors.

”Increasingly we are seeing major international companies recognising the strength of Rugby League’s connection with the community,” Mr Gallop said.

“The stakes in projects such as this are enormously high and it’s an example of the faith Cinderella Man has in Rugby League.

“The fact that Russell is also a great supporter of the game makes it all the more welcome but this is very much a commercial investment that benefits the club and Real Insurance.”

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For inquiries in relation to Real Insurance contact
David Lizzio, DRPR, 02 9413 4244 or 0402 259 830

Cinderella Man releases in Australia October 13, 2005.
For inquiries in relation to Buena Vista International contact
Sarah Ward on 02 8270 9003 or 0431879846

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