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MEDIA RELEASE 10 August 2009

Australian almond industry celebrates the almond blossom season
To celebrate the almond blossom season, the Mallee Almond Blossom Festival will be held Sunday, 16 August 2009 from 10 am to 4 pm at the Kyndalyn Park almond orchards, Murray Valley Highway, Boundary Bend.

The Festival is also an opportunity to celebrate the growth of Australian almond plantings which have increased from 3,750 hectares in 1999 to 27,300 hectares in 2008 in the key almond growing areas of Sunraysia in Victoria, the Riverland and Adelaide in SA and the Riverina region in NSW.

Across these regions from late July through till late August, local residents can notice the visible change that takes place in the almond trees as the buds open into almond blossom flowers in preparation for pollination.

Julie Haslett, CEO of the Almond Board of Australia, said the almond blossom season is the ideal time for the local community to experience and learn more about the almond.

"The vast majority of almonds sold in our shops are grown here by Australian farmers and now is the perfect time to witness the most beautiful stage in the almond growing lifecycle," Julie said.

"Almond orchards in blossom are a reminder to everyone of the natural, home grown goodness of Australian almonds. They taste great and are good for your health," she added.

A guest at this year's Mallee Almond Blossom Festival will be award winning Australian cook and almond ambassador Stefano de Pieri who will be putting on a special cooking demonstration for attendees.

"It is the end of winter and its almond blossom time. Just look at the gorgeous trees and the bees everywhere doing their job - it is a fantastic spectacle of nature," said Stefano.

"Unfortunately the almond blossom season only lasts a couple of weeks, but the fruits of these trees are available all year round. Almonds are a very good food, packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and more importantly, they are very good for your heart," he added.

Entry to the Mallee Almond Blossom Festival is free with local art, crafts, food and wine for sale and entertainment for both grown ups and children alike making this event the ideal family day out.

For more information on the Mallee Almond Blossom Festival contact the Organising Committee on (03) 5026 1388.

For more information on the Australian almond industry, visit or call (08) 8582 2055.

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For further information please call Gemma Crowley or Kim Larochelle on (02) 9413 4244.

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