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MEDIA RELEASE 10 November 2005

$12,680 of free fuel on offer for North Shore residents
The beepp Discount Fuel Program is rescuing North Shore residents from rising petrol prices by rewarding them with thousands of dollars off their petrol when they do their local shopping.

Over 12,680 beepp cards have been distributed to local retailers to hand out to customers since the program began on the North Shore two months ago, translating to $12,680 of free fuel on offer.

Under the beepp program, customers who spend a qualifying amount in one transaction at any of the 5 participating retailers on the North Shore are given a beepp card valued at $1. Customers can then present their collected beepp cards at one of the 7 participating fuel outlets to receive a discount on their fuel to the value of the cards presented.

John Pemble, joint owner of Fine Cotton Drycleaners in Wahroonga, has given out 400 cards in the last two months.

“Customers love their $1 beepp cards because they can save them up and get dollars off the price of their fuel.

“It’s a really handy program. Once customers have their beepp cards all they have to do is go to the petrol station three doors up to redeem their cards and save on their fuel,” Mr Pemble said.

Chris Ryan, Area Manager for beepp, says the cents per litre discounts offered by the Coles and Woolworths ‘discount dockets’ are deceiving to the average Australian consumer.

“At four cents off a litre, an average 40 litre tank of fuel will save you $1.60 off your fill. beepp cards, which work like instant cash, offer one dollar discounts so you could walk out with five, ten, fifteen dollars of savings, or even enough for a free tank of fuel,” Mr Ryan said.

The beepp program is different from the Coles and Woolworths docket discounts chiefly because it operates on a cumulative basis.

Local retailers participating in the program include: Hellers Health Foods, Crows Nest; Castlecrag Newsagency; Castlecrag Pharmacy; Killara Newsagency; Fine Cotton Drycleaners, Wahroonga.

beepp cards can be redeemed at: Caltex Star Mart Crows Nest; Metro Petroleum Lane Cove; Caltex Longueville; Mobil Killara; BP South Turramurra; Mobil St.Ives; Mobil Wahroonga. Local beepp fuel outlets are printed on the back of each card, or a nationwide list can be obtained from the internet at

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