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MEDIA RELEASE 11 March 2008

Locally-made fresh bangers for Canberra residents
Desiree's Fine Foods is the brainchild of Stuart and Desiree McKinnon who started their business in Fyshwick 12 years ago, because of their passion to deliver fresh and better food to the Capital region residents.

They produce fresh gourmet sausages and meals including curries, casseroles, family pies as well as baked products. All the products are made fresh from natural and locally-sourced ingredients (where possible).

Desiree's Fine Foods' gourmet sausages were introduced two years ago and do not contain any preservatives, premixes, frozen ingredients, flavour enhancers or other artificial additives. In addition, all spice and herb flavourings are made from scratch to the owners' recipes.

Stuart McKinnon said some of Desiree's recipes have been influenced by customers of the Capital Region Farmers Market, which the couple has been visiting every Saturday morning at the Exhibition Park (EPIC) for the past three years.

"Canberra has a lot of residents of European background and some of our customers remember sausages from their home country. For example, our South African Boerewors gourmet sausage was adapted from one of our customers' recipe. The advantage of the Farmers Market is we can get feedback direct from customers and try out new products," McKinnon said.

The gourmet sausages are produced by hand in small batches once a week. The couple sources fresh primary cuts of meat, or sometimes seafood, which they trim off excess fat and sinew and mince coarsely. It is then mixed with selected fresh and dried herbs, spices and seasonings and finally extruded into natural casings.

"The result is a natural fresh product that not only tastes good but is good for you lower in fat and salt and free of all the nasties," McKinnon said.

The range of gourmet sausages include Andouille, Beef with red wine, bacon & mushroom, Boerewors, Chicken tikka, Italian pork & veal, Lamb kofta, Kangaroo with bush pepper & shiraz, Spiced duck with orange & red currants and many more.

The gourmet sausages range from $12.99 to $15.99 per kilo and the prepared meals from $7 to $15. The products are sold through farmers markets and directly to cafes and restaurants.

The Capital Region Farmers Market is a genuine farmers market with over 100 stalls offering a diverse range of fresh food and agricultural produce straight from the producer to the customer. It is open every Saturday morning at the Exhibition Park (EPIC) from 8 am to 11 am.

All funds generated from the Market are fed back into regional communities and other projects chosen by the Rotary Club of Hall which founded the Market in 2004.

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